Welcome to the Tuscany section of our blog.  We will add lots more ideas for things to do, as well as giving you progress reports on the renovation of the Tuscan Cottage.

Montecatini Alto and the Funiculare Tuscany

The view from Montecatini Alto and the Funiculare Railway

Sat above Montecatini is Montecatini Alto, which can be reached by car but it’s probably more fun to take the ‘Funiculare railway’. It’s well over a hundred years old but is still fully functional. If …

Montecatini Terme Tuscany

Montecatini Terme

A town with medieval thermal baths just 3/4 of an hour from our house. It is considered as one of the biggest spa towns in Italy and to be honest, a bit like Pisa with …

Holiday Cottage in Tuscany - Piazza Di Brancoli

The Garfagnana Valley in beautiful Tuscany

Our cottage sits overlooking the Southern end of the Garfagnana Valley and there is some truly breathtaking scenery all along it.   This is just a tiny snippet of info as we will add lots …

Pistoia Duomo

Pistoia, Italy – visit from our holiday cottage

Pretty Pistoia sits snugly at the foot of the Apennines. An easy day trip from Pisa, Lucca or Florence, it thoroughly deserved its 2017 status as European City of Culture. A town that has grown …

Lucca in Tuscany

Lovely Lucca

Lucca – the historic centre and cobblestoned streets of this stunning Medieval City are an absolute must and I won’t forgive you if you don’t include it during your stay! Lucca is a real gem, …

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Discover Pisa

Pisa. Basically famous for a piece of architecture that went horribly wrong! But it really is well worth a visit. Less than an hour from the house but as you will fly in, then you …