Woof-farm Meadow – Dogs Love It!

Dogs love our fully enclosed meadow

Last Updated on June 21, 2022

Dogs love our 2 acre meadow and we’ve managed to capture some enjoying it!

Dogs are a huge part of what makes Woodfarm what it is. We identified years ago that people with dogs, who are looking to go on holiday at home, like to have somewhere nice to stay. It’s pretty simple really.

Dogs love our fully enclosed meadow
Dogs love our fully enclosed meadow – Pic by Emma Bearman

What we have worked hard on for years is making sure our cottages are as high quality as we can make them, with a real emphasis on a warm welcome for people and pooches alike. Aside from fully enclosed gardens with each cottage, dog treats, towels, bowls etc, we also have our amazing doggy meadow.

Lots of points of interest for your hounds
Lots of points of interest for your hounds

Four-legged guests have been enjoying our meadow for a few years now and it’s a real hit! It goes down a storm with dogs and humans alike. The dogs get to run around in 2 acres, mostly set to long wild grasses and wild flowers, with a path mown all around the perimeter.

We’ve shot lots of footage of dogs enjoying themselves in the meadow. We got some great drone shots courtesy of our friends at Flyibot, as well as lots of bits of film with dogs running at us and around on the ground.

So if you’ve ever wondered what a fully enclosed two-acre doggy meadow next to some Holiday Cottages looks like when it’s being enjoyed by a bunch of very happy hounds, watch the video below!

Woof-Farm Meadow is exclusively for the enjoyment of our four-legged guests so we figured we’d shoot some footage for you to show your dogs, before you ask the question, “want some of that, Fido?”

Huge thanks to Boris, Maya, Lofn, Bobby, Ellie, Benji, Ozzie, Otis, Artemus, Harley, Missy, Ted, Poppy, Dave, Alfie, Hugo, Hester for taking part. Sorry if you didn’t all make the final cut. If you didn’t, it’s because we’re not very good at filming, not because you weren’t pawesome!

We have a few fun things in there such as weaves, tyres and a toy box. But for the dogs it’s mostly about the amazing space and smells. We have rabbits, pheasants, muntjac deer, and all sorts of other wildlife roaming around, though they are pretty adept at getting out of the way of the hounds!

Dogs of all shapes and sizes have fun in our meadow
Dogs of all shapes and sizes have fun in our meadow

Humans love it as there are a few places to sit and just enjoy watching their dogs tear about. It’s exclusively for Woodfarm guests so it’s a great social area for dogs to meet other dogs, have a good sniff and wear themselves out.

For less agile, elderly, or nervous dogs, there is a smaller enclosed section, which is on a one at a time basis.

You can read a little more about it in our original Blog Post but why not sit back with a cup of tea and watch our little movie? If you can get your dog to sit still for a few minutes, they can watch too and get excited about their next stay!