Woof-Farm Meadow in Dog Friendly Suffolk

Happy Dogs love our secure meadow

Last Updated on July 30, 2022

We’ve worked for many years to make Woodfarm the very best of Dog Friendly Suffolk and now the two-acre wild meadow opposite Woodfarm is a secure place for your dogs to run wild and get to know other four-legged guests!

Dog friendly Suffolk with Woof-Farm MeadowYou are really going to have to use your imagination until we have it all up and running properly but it is now useable at least!

We now have a fully secure two-acre wild meadow for our guest dogs to run around in, play and meet each other. Within the meadow is a further secure section for nervous or older dogs so they can also run around, without the fear of being bounced on by an exuberant puppy!

There will be a seating area for the humans to sit and chat, which will be covered in case of rain but of course it never rains because this is dog friendly Suffolk and it never rains here. Ok, maybe sometimes!

FB2Having spent years making Woodfarm a part of dog friendly Suffolk, we are constantly told by our guests (the two legged ones) that we’ve got it right and the feedback this idea has received on social media so far has been staggering.

Here’s Obi trying it out. He loved it, as did his ‘sister’ Leia who is the happy girl in the main pic above. The force is strong with them in our meadow!

Once it’s all up and running we will have our official photographers over to do their thing but for now as we say, you’ll have to use some imagination.

Dog friendly Suffolk with Cookie and JessThe gates officially opened on Friday 12th May 2017 and Cookie and Jess, in this photo on the left, were the first guests to try it out. They’d only just arrived but were soon running around and I couldn’t actually photograph them!

So with fully enclosed private gardens, a beautiful church walk straight from your door, and some fabulous dog friendly Suffolk beaches, it’s the perfect place to bring your dogs.

We will update this page as the meadow develops but if you’d like to get yourself and your K9s booked in for a true slice of dog friendly Suffolk then have a look at our availability here.