Booking Terms & Conditions


DEFINITIONS: In these terms and conditions, where the expressions “You”, “Arrival Date”, “Cottage”, “Departure Date”, “Deposit”, “Holiday Period” and “Holiday Price” are used they shall have the meanings given to them in our written Booking Confirmation. Please see below.

Please note, all the terms below are written in the context of our Barns & Cottages, but they apply to all of our properties, including our Barges. In addition we also have specific terms for our Barges and for Casa trebbio, our Tuscan property, set out further down.

Booking Confirmation

A booking is only confirmed by us when we have sent you a written confirmation of your booking (which may be done by e-mail) and received your Deposit in cleared funds

Nature of the Booking

Once we have issued a written booking confirmation and received your Deposit in cleared funds (and in return for you complying with these Terms and Conditions including your payment obligations) you are granted a licence to occupy the Holiday Cottages during the Holiday Period for the purpose of a holiday. The Booking is not intended to create any relationship of landlord and tenant between us. You are not entitled to any tenancy, or to an assured short-hold tenancy or to any statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988 or to any other statutory security of tenure now or when the licence to occupy ends. The booking is personal to you, any member of your group for a group booking, or anyone you are booking on behalf of. The use of the word “you” in these terms refers to you, any member of your group for a group booking, or anyone you are booking on behalf of. You must not use the Holiday Cottage except for the purposes of a holiday by you and your group, or anyone you are booking on behalf of, during the Holiday Period and not for any other purpose without prior agreement.

Arrival and Departure

Please call Carl Scott on 07810 371218 before the Arrival Date to confirm your arrival time. This telephone number is also on our website and all correspondence. We do like to greet our guests and show them round the cottage. The Holiday Cottages should be ready from 3pm on the Arrival Date. Arrivals after 7pm are not a problem as we have key safes with each of our holiday cottages. We will of course need to discuss this in order to provide you with the relevant code for that cottage that week if this is the case. You must vacate the Cottage by 10.30am on the Departure Date in order that we may have it ready for the next guests. Please help us by ensuring that you vacate on time. We’d love to let you stay but we do need to ensure that it is spic and span for the next guests! It’s what we did for you prior to your arrival!


Please pay via our Secure Sagepay system online. You may also pay by cheque or bank transfer. Please contact us for details in this event

When you need to pay

If bookings are made within one month of the Arrival Date the Holiday Price must paid in full. For booking made in excess of one month from the Arrival Date you must pay a deposit. The deposit will be £100 per Cottage per booking, with the balance of the Holiday price payable one month prior to the Arrival Date. For Bookings across the Christmas and New Year periods the balance payment is due 8 weeks prior to the booking start date. If the booking is cancelled for any reason after the balance is paid (see further details below) then the balance will be repaid dependent on the cottage being resold, if the cottage remains unsold then no monies can be returned. During this period the deposit is forfeit. We will contact you to take the balance payment

Group bookings

If you would like to book more than one cottage, we insist that all eight Cottages are booked, to ensure that no-one else finds themselves in the middle of someone else’s party. We cannot allow a group or three or more barns in the Meadow due to previous experiences spoiling breaks for other guests. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Cancellation / Changes to a Booking

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to change a confirmed booking but will accommodate you where we can. Either of us may fully cancel a booking at least one month before the Arrival Date, in which case your deposit will be returned to you. We do reserve the right to charge a £25 admin fee, which will be deducted from the deposit. 

If the booking is cancelled for any reason (including contracting COVID, or another disease, or having to isolate) less than one month before the Arrival Date you may lose your deposit and you may also lose the balance of your Holiday Price; the balance can only be credited to a future break if we are able to re-let the accommodation. If the cancellation is for late availability or last minute (and therefore discounted) and we manage to relet, then the amount we relet for will be credited. If the break is relet via one of our third party directories that we put last minute breaks with, we have to pay them commission, and this must also be taken into account, and deducted from the credit amount.

Please see exception to this below under the heading ‘Future pandemic Lockdowns’.

We may cancel your booking or cut your holiday short where you breach this agreement or because we have been affected by events beyond our reasonable control. Please see the ‘Early Termination’ section below for further details.

For bookings across the Christmas and New Year periods the balance payment is due 8 weeks prior to the booking start date as stated above. If the booking is cancelled after the balance is paid then 100% of the balance will be repaid only if the cottage is re-let upon being made available, which we will do immediately. If the cottage remains unsold then no monies can be returned. During this period the deposit is forfeit.

For group bookings where all the cottages are booked, we are unable to cancel any of the cottages as our group booking policy ensures that no-one else finds themselves in the middle of someone else’s party. We also reserve the right to cancel any bookings and refund payments, where it transpires that the booking will result in a group, not in accordance with the criteria set out above for Group Bookings.

We are happy to hold payments made and credit your account in the event that you wish to postpone a booking, but your deposit will be forfeit if you request a refund at a later date. If you have paid in full, then the balance can only be credited towards a later booking if the dates you booked are re-let, as above.

Please note that in the event of us advertising a cancellation, we cannot move your booking to these dates if you are looking to bring your break forward. We usually advertise last minute cancellations to try to re-let on behalf of the guest, so we can credit them to a later date. If we move your break, we lose that money.

We strongly advise you to take out travel insurance, and we will cooperate fully with the organisation.

Future pandemic Lockdowns

If you already have a break booked, which falls into a government enforced lockdown period, we will postpone your break and credit the money you have paid to a future break. If the situation changes we can of course proceed.

There will be no restriction on when you have to rebook your break, or when you have to take it. You will not lose your money. You booked a break with us because you want to come and stay, and you will.

None of us has a blueprint for how to deal with this and when we went into lockdowns before, we faced it head on like everybody else. We had no choice. We are a small independent business, owned and run by one bloke, with a tiny but awesome team, and our aim was to get through it and to help our guests do the same.


The price quoted is our current price list. Prices may change, so please confirm the price before making a booking. The price at the time of booking is what you will pay

Breakfast Basket

Please note that the holiday is self-catering. However, we provide all the goodies for you to make a ‘proper’ Suffolk breakfast on your first morning as standard. This will include eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, bread, butter, milk, fresh fruit and some cookies. We don’t come and cook for you.

Extra Charges

All our cottages are adequately heated so we do charge for firewood if you wish to use any of ours. We sell this on to you at cost so do not make any money on it. You are welcome to bring your own provided that it is of suitable quality. We do offer various other items on our website such as hampers, gift items etc. If ordering in advance these will need to be paid for prior to your stay If you notify us in advance of your pets requirements then they will be included in the Holiday Price in your Booking Confirmation. If you do not so notify us in advance then these will be charged separately.


Please leave the Cottages tidy and rubbish free on departure – cleaning materials are supplied for this. Alternatively we offer a service for those guests who prefer not to tidy up, which costs £25 per cottage. Please advise in advance if you would like this service. If the cottage is left in an unacceptable state we reserve the right to invoice you for this and will expect payment by BACS within 14 days.  You should keep the Cottage and the furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, bedding and towels clean and in good condition. We are sure that you will take care whilst you stay with us, and we acknowledge that accidents sometimes happen. We do however reserve the right to charge for any damage or breakages, which we consider, was deliberately or recklessly caused. You will be notified in writing as soon as is reasonably practicable, if the damage is discovered after you depart. We also reserve the right to charge further sums if we are unable to re-let the cottage as a consequence of the damage. To this end, by booking you authorise us to invoice for any additional sums in the unlikely event of damage and the £25 for extra cleaning should the cottage be left in an unacceptable condition and rubbish free on your departure. If reasonably possible, we will discuss with you the extra charges in respect of damage or cleaning before taking the funds.

Value Added Tax

The Holiday Price is inclusive of VAT. Whilst we are liable to pay VAT it is clear that guests would not want to pay an additional amount. So, we have paid the VAT due ourselves without passing on the charge to you and therefore any change in the rate of VAT has no effect on the prices because you are not charged it and we have to pay it whether it is 1% or 20%.


All guests must register their names, addresses and email addresses with us – and let us know in which Cottage they are staying, this is a legal and insurance requisite. Groups – No more than the maximum number of persons, as stated in our written Booking Confirmation may occupy the Cottage. We may refuse to allow you to occupy the Cottage or require you to vacate the Holiday Cottages if group numbers exceed that maximum number and/or the number of guests which you told us would form your party. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke any bookings from groups or individuals which in our reasonable opinion are unsuitable for the Cottage. For example, because taking a child into the particular Cottage would be unsafe or because the group is too large or rowdy. Babies And Children Parents and guardians must ensure that their children are supervised by a responsible adult and are not left unattended. You must take particular care when children are around animals, equipment and water.


We welcome up to 3 well behaved dogs in all our properties but are happy to discuss more with you. Please bring bedding and towels for your dog, though we do provide extra towels should you require them, and have a couple of beds. Please do not allow your dog on any furniture, or on beds – we thank you for your understanding.

We do ask owners not to leave dogs alone in our properties. They will be in unfamiliar surroundings, can get upset, howl, and damage furniture or furnishings. We are concerned for the welfare of our canine guests, as well as our property. However, if you know that you have a dog that is very used to being left alone anywhere without issue then we are ok with that, but please advise us in advance. 

Please note that in the event of any damage caused, we will, under the terms and conditions of a booking, claim for repairs and or replacement. 

We ask owners not to let dogs off the lead outside of your garden and not to let them damage or foul any part of the Cottages or gardens. Your dog may be well-behaved but some will run around so it’s easier to have one rule for everyone.

We don’t accept cats I’m afraid. We did it twice many years ago and both times they were stressed and scratched furniture, so we lost money.

Open Fire & Wood-Burners

Each of our Holiday Cottages has a complimentary basket of logs, firelighters and kindling All cottages have independent modern heating systems and do not depend on the fires for heating. If you require extra logs etc then we do offer these to you at cost


The Holiday Cottages are complete homes with TV, Bluetooth speaker, bed-linen, towels, soap, fresh & instant coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, olive oil, fresh herbs, matches, candles, firelighters and all the items that are required for a Gold English Tourism Council rating. We give an honest impression of what the cottage looks like through our published images but please be aware that items such as furniture and furnishings are replaced when broken or damaged and that rooms and gardens might have changed since photography; if you wish to be certain that any specific item is still at the cottage please do check with us first. Cots and high chairs are available on request (FREE of charge)

Hot Tubs

The Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs all have printed conditions of use, which are basically the guidelines from the manufacturer, as well as common sense rules.

The main thing that we insist upon is that the Hot Tub is purely for use by guests staying in that barn in order to avoid unwanted noise levels, disturbing other guests. For the same reason, we do not allow music near the Hot Tubs. We have had issues with noise etc in the past, so have had to make this very clear to ensure the enjoyment of all our guests. They can’t be used as a central ‘party’.

We have worked hard to make Woodfarm an oasis and want it to remain that way for all our guests. Additionally we insist that users have a good shower beforehand in order to maintain the mechanics correctly as things such as tanning creams, hair products, make up, the oil in skin etc all clog up the filters and pipework. We do change the water to ensure it is clean for you, so may not be up to temperature until the evening of your arrival. Not everyone does this, but we’d rather you had clean water. Strictly NO CANDLES, SMOKING or EATING in or near the Hot Tubs and NO DOGS in the Hot Tubs.

Please note that any damage to the Hot Tubs or ancillary equipment caused by neglect or a contravention of these necessary rules, may result in an invoice being sent and as with other terms, be accepted as due to us upon booking and accepting our very necessary terms and conditions.


We supply bikes for the use of guests but these are used at the rider’s risk and guests are responsible for checking the roadworthiness of the bikes they use and to sign the bicycle book when they take a bike. Please see additional terms which apply to the use of bikes. Security, you and your cottage While the Cottages have locks you are responsible for ensuring the security of your belongings. You are responsible for ensuring the safety of yourself, children and vulnerable adults in your group. You are also responsible for ensuring that your property is not damaged or destroyed. Unless caused by our negligence, we are not responsible for any death, personal injury or damage to your property. Hay Fever & Allergies We are in the countryside which means there may be high levels of pollen. This may affect hay fever suffers. Those with hay fever should take suitable precautions.

Our Holiday Cottages are all non-smoking

Your Obligations

No furniture, furnishings, bedding, plates or cutlery etc should be moved from or between any of the Holiday Cottages and no items are to be taken at all without prior agreement. Items removed will be charged for. You must not do anything that may reasonably be considered to cause a nuisance or annoyance to any other occupier of neighbouring premises. We may require you and your group to vacate the Holiday Cottages if you are too rowdy. Flowers and plants are not to be picked or pulled up. You must not litter the area. You must also comply with any other regulations which we reasonably make from time to time, or notified to you from time to time during the Holiday Period and ensure that they are observed by all members of your party.

Early Termination

This section sets out when we may cancel your booking less than one month before the Arrival Date (including during the Holiday Period).

Please see the ‘Cancellation/Changes to a Booking’ section above for details of other circumstances in which we or you may cancel your booking before the Arrival Date.

We may terminate your booking less than one month before the Arrival Date or during your Holiday Period by notice to you only if you are in material breach of these terms and conditions or because we are affected by events beyond our reasonable control (such as, but without limitation, flood, fire, adverse weather conditions, act of God, war, terrorist threat, government action or some other catastrophic event of the type covered in a comprehensive insurance policy or the breach or failure of third parties who supply goods, services or property). In which case, if your holiday has begun, you will have to vacate the Cottage.

Please note that, without limitation, we consider non-payment of fees when due, your being rowdy, smoking in the Cottage, exceeding group numbers, exceeding pet numbers, badly behaved animals, wilfully damaging the Cottage or allowing pets or children to be unsupervised a material breach of these terms and conditions.

If, in accordance with these terms, we terminate your booking less than one month before the Arrival Date or during your Holiday Period otherwise than by reason of your breach of these terms and conditions we shall credit that part of the Booking Costs which relate to the part of the Holiday Period during which you did not occupy the Cottage due to such termination, towards a future break.

Notices Any notice to be served on you under these terms and conditions may be given during the Holiday Period by delivery through the letter box or attaching to the front door of the Cottage and shall be deemed received on delivery.

Please note that we cannot be held liable for any injury caused by another guest, human or otherwise, or by incidents such as tripping over etc whilst on our premises or land.

Severe Weather, or loss of utilities.

In the situation that the cottage you have booked is not accessible from one of the nearby roads due to flooding, snow or other adverse weather conditions the cost of the booking will be refunded to you. We cannot refund if we experience a power cut, or loss of water supply. We will of course work with you to make you as comfortable as possible, but sometimes these things are way out of our control.

We cannot be held responsible if you are not able to reach the cottage because of adverse weather or travel problems not in our immediate vicinity.

Sorry about all the ‘legalese’ but I’m sure you understand this is just standard stuff to protect our guests and our business. You are directed to this page upon booking and your acceptance of these terms is deemed by your arrival.

Apologies if some of the terms seem harsh.

Please note, in addition to all the above terms, we also have specific terms for our Barges;

Both of our Barges are moored on Quays. You are not able to take them out, nor do we offer trips. Think of them as floating holiday cottages.

We have Macerator pumps on all the toilets on our barges. We have signs up saying that wet wipes, sanitary products and nappies must not be flushed down the toilet. This will result in a broken pump and we will have to charge for replacement. They are £400, plus fitting. We provide the appropriate bags and bins for the disposal of items such as described above.

Additionally, these holiday cottages are boats on water. We ask that you take great care and attention at all times and we cannot be held responsible in any way for any incidents or accidents whilst aboard. We cannot stress this enough. They are boats. We’ve made that fairly clear. And boats are a little different, that’s why you book them. It’s a unique holiday but access is not the same as a cottage. Just check out the videos and you’ll get a good feel for each barge and it’s location. They are not suitable for disabled or infirm guests and there’s nothing we can do about it.

We cannot stress enough, these are boats. They are on the water. You may experience a diesel or heating oil smell as that’s how the barges are heated. As with all boats heated in this way we cannot avoid this, but both systems are regularly checked and serviced to ensure correct and safe operation. We also need to carry out maintenance such as refuelling, emptying of grey water tanks etc, and this may well need to be done whilst you are on board. We will do our level best to ensure you are not disturbed, but these routines are necessary.

Neither of our Barges are suitable for disabled or less agile guests. They are both accessed via gangplanks and steps across water due to the very nature of this unique kind of holiday. Similarly the tides rise and fall twice a day and we can’t do anything about that. This means the gangplanks will be steeper either up or down at certain times of the day. Both have secure handrails though.

In adverse weather they may face unique challenges, but they do offer a unique break. Twee Gebroeders is connected to a mains water supply, fed along the quay. It is lagged but if it does freeze then you’ll be without running water. You have a key on board for the shower block, which is a short walk and you’ll need to put bottled water down the loo. If we see this coming, we will put some bottles on board for you. We appreciate this would be inconvenient but this is beyond our control and under such circumstances we cannot offer compensation. We’ve really done our best to stress that a barge holiday is different.

Please note, in addition to all the above terms, we also have specific terms for Casa Trebbio, our Tuscan property;

Clearly this is over in Italy and a few additional terms and conditions apply. Firstly, all we do is agree to let the property to you for a short period of time. We cannot be held responsible for any issues whatsoever concerning your travel arrangements. We do guide you on flying, driving, car hire, etc but this is purely to be helpful. We are not liable in way for any issues with, but not restricted to, airport parking, flights, delays, cancellations, car hire, travel abroad etc.

Reasons to Stay at Woodfarm, Suffolk

We happen to think what we have on offer is pretty bloomin' good. However, we thought you might like a bunch of reasons to stay, other than we think you should!

beach huts illustration
all accommodation

Brilliant beaches! Suffolk has an incredible Heritage Coast, with great beaches, all in easy reach of us.

paw illustration
all accommodation

Dogs stay FREE, and we don't just tolerate them, we welcome them! We've built our reputation on this, and we're proud of it!

fence illustration
at the barns

Pawesome, fully-enclosed two acre Pooch Paddock for your Dogs to go bonkers and make new friends in.

dog treat bones illustration
all accommodation

Free Doggy treats, Dog bowls, and Dog towels. Our furry friends even get Woodfarm branded poop bag holders!

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all accommodation

Visit England Gold Awards coming out of our ears, as well as their coveted ROSE Award for Service Excellence.

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all accommodation

Well in excess of 1,000 Five Star Tripadvisor, Facebook & Google Reviews. Over 25% of our guests come back!

hot tubs illustration
all accommodation

Private Hot tubs with seven of our eight Barns and Cottages. The ultimate in relaxation, just because you're worth it.

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all accommodation

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Yes, plural. Two AONB's on our doorstep! Suffolk Coast & Heaths, and Dedham Vale.

river walks illustration
on the barges

Stunning river walks directly from your gangplank on either Barge! Wildlife and breathtaking scenery in abundance.

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