The variety of Suffolk Cottages.

Luxury Suffolk Cottages at Woodfarm barns

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

The cottage is an image of the quintessential english life that is instantly recognisable all around the world. Suffolk Cottages are an essential part of this picture and they bring unique characters all of their own.

The people of Suffolk live in homes as diverse in nature as any other part of the UK. From the high-rises and waterfront apartments of Ipswich and the grand town houses of Bury St Edmunds or the fisherman’s cottages of Southwold, homes in Suffolk come in many shapes and sizes. However, Suffolk Cottages form an integral and unmistakable cornerstone of Suffolk living, and they too come in a variety of charming and unique shapes and sizes.

For example, visit the village of Cavendish and your eyes will be treated to a feast of pink. Beautiful thatched cottages with pink walls make up many of the building in the village and are a sight to behold. Cavendish has won Suffolk’s ‘Best Kept Village’ award so often the locals joke about naming the award after the village.

To look upon some equally stunning cottages with slightly subtler colour schemes you can visit Clare, the smallest town in Suffolk.

Here you will find excellent examples of pastel coloured thatched cottages and timbered Tudor houses. The town is also home to one of the most significant medieval buildings in the whole of East Anglia, the appropriately named Ancient House.

If a visit to Clare whets your appetite for impressive Tudor buildings then a trip to the mid-Suffolk village of Lavenham is a must for you. It contains a wonderful collection of finely preserved homes from that period.

When staying with us here at Woodfarm Barns you wont have to go far to experience these beautiful buildings for yourself. Of course our very own Suffolk Cottage is a wonderful taste of the local flavour of cottages on offer.

Also, quite close to us at Woodfarm Barns lays the village of Earl Soham. Much of the village has been designated as a Conservation area due to it’s dense concentration of period cottages.

Why not come and explore the rich variety of Suffolk Cottages for yourself?

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