holiday cottages with hot tubs

Holiday cottages with hot tubs

At Woodfarm Barns, we want to offer you the best possible short break, and on this page, we have summed up the best things to do when you’re staying at our Barns for a truly special holiday with a hot tub. We’ve also taken a closer look at why our Holiday cottages with hot tubs provide our accommodation with a certain edge.

Before diving into the hot tubs…

Here’s a little bit of background about us. Woodfarm Barns offers Barns for rent in an area south of the small Suffolk village of Stonham Aspal. In addition to our Barns, we also have Barges to rent either at Snape Maltings or on the River Deben in Woodbridge. Our Barns which are fully equipped for holidays with hot tubs are located at the site at Stonham Aspal.

We have the following holiday cottages with hot tubs available:

Woodfarm House – a thatched 500-year-old farmhouse cottage which has a huge luxurious hot tub situated in outdoor space, as well as an outdoor shower for the ultimate in luxury..
Meadow View Cottage – another thatched 500-year-old farmhouse cottage with a similarly spacious hot tub.
Stour Barn – a coach house style Barn with a private hot tub available for guests to use at their leisure.
Deben Barn – another coach house style Barn with its own large hot tub on the patio.
Gipping Barn – a country Barn that features an outdoor hot tub with a view across the garden.
Orwell Barn – another country-style Barn with its own luxury hot tub and traditionally inspired interior spaces.
Alde Barn – a Barn with a large hot tub and cosy, stylish interior.
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Most of our private Hot Tubs are in covered ‘garden rooms’ so you can unwind whatever the weather. Ultimately, when it comes to holidays cottages with hot tubs, Woodfarm Barns provides more than a few options. Do take a look around them all to find which one suits you.

Panoramic view of our holiday cottages with hot tubs

What things can you do when staying at Woodfarm Barns?

The nearest villages to our Barns are Stonham Aspal and Crowfield which are tiny Suffolk villages. Going further afield, the bustling county town of Ipswich is about a twenty-minute drive, Bury St Edmunds is about half an hour drive away, and the most popular points on the Suffolk coastline can be reached in half an hour or so.

The well regarded ancient ‘wool towns’ of Lavenham and Long Melford are also within half an hour too. Altogether, Woodfarm Barns is in a perfect location for accessing the major towns and villages of Suffolk. Replete with cosy pubs, bustling town centres, and everything in between, we’re confident that you won’t struggle to find things to do when joining us for a holiday with a hot tub.

To read more about what is on in Suffolk, what there is to do in the area, and lots more about the county, be sure to take a look at our blog pages where we regularly provide recommendations for things to do on your holiday with a hot tub.

All our private hot tubs are in enclosed gardens.

Hot Tubs – what are the benefits?

Whilst the selling point of holiday cottages with hot tubs is often self-evident, we thought it would still be a good idea to round up a selection of points. To do this, we had to turn to Google and see what people were asking, as the joy of returning to a hot tub at the end of a day spent exploring the beautiful Suffolk countryside seemed pretty obvious to us!

Is it okay to go in a hot tub every day?

The experts have spoken about everyday hot tub use and confirmed that it is more than OK – it’s recommended. Specifically, the health benefits are only properly realised after spending a few consecutive days soaking for up to thirty minutes. It looks like the advice from our end can be nothing other than “make sure your holiday with a hot tub is long enough, and make sure you get plenty of time in the tub!”. Of course, even if you’re only staying for a short time, you’ll still experience some of the health benefits provided by the hot tub.

Is sitting in a hot tub healthy?

For many people, a soak in a hot tub is not part of their everyday routine and the opportunity to get away and spend time in one presents a fairly exciting opportunity.

Hot tubs are also proven to be a brilliant tonic for stress as their features and warmth allow the body to fully relax – it’s not often in life that something genuinely enjoyable has the added benefit of being good for your mind and body!

When it comes to the subject of health, it has been proven in various studies that hot tubs relieve pain from past injuries and they can even help with problems like arthritis and chronic pain. This has to do with the way that hot tubs circulate warm water around the body which allows muscles to loosen up whilst at the same time increasing blood flow around the body. Altogether, holidays with hot tubs are a great way to pay yourself a little TLC.

It goes without saying that modern life is often characterised by stress. We’re busier than we’ve ever been and finding time to simply ‘Do Nothing’ is becoming harder and harder. By getting away on a holiday with a hot tub, you’ll be able to greatly relieve this stress as you step away from the day to day, explore Suffolk, and round each day off with a calming soak.

Besides the science, it is pretty clear that hot tubs provide the opportunity for you to indulge in pure relaxation. Away from the noise, screens and all of the various other distractions that life demands of us, the simple feeling of warm water and quiet surroundings promise to be a fantastic antidote to modern life.

What is the difference between a Jacuzzi and a hot tub?

This question is one that actually comes up in regular conversation just as much as it seems to be puzzling Google users. The answer is actually a fairly straightforward one and doesn’t involve the kind of technical discussion you may expect. Indeed, the difference between a Jacuzzi and a hot tub is simply one of naming conventions. Specifically, a hot tub describes a large tub of hot water (nice and easy) and Jacuzzi refers to any hot tub that is trademarked by the Jacuzzi brand. Clearly, the Jacuzzi marketing team were very successful as Jacuzzi has now become an accepted synonym for hot tub and is what a lot of people know them as. In short, they’re the same thing but named differently depending on who has manufactured them.

The generic term ‘Jacuzzi’ actually originates from the family that invented it!
In 1943 a two-year-old Kenneth Jacuzzi developed rheumatic fever. This resulted in him having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. His father Candido Jacuzzi noticed that his hospital hydrotherapy sessions were helping Kenneth’s pains so he developed a crude version of the system at home, which clearly helped his son.

Candido filed the patent for the J-300 in 1954, which was for a submersible pump to be used at home in the bath. This device was an instant hit and he developed the first domestic whirlpool system a couple of years later. The Jacuzzi brothers worked together over the next few years and continually improved the product range, resulting in the birth of the first family spa in 1964, enabling, as the name suggests, the whole family to hop in and benefit from jets mounted in the walls. Essentially as they developed the range of products, the hydrotherapy industry grew with them. They then developed heating and filtration systems, resulting in the first ’Hot Tub’ in 1970, which enabled outdoor use.

The Jacuzzi family sold the business in 1979 to a New York based company called Kidde Inc. Roy Jacuzzi stayed on as head of operations and at the turn of the millennium, Jacuzzi’s were introduced to the UK.

The Jacuzzi brand is very much a market leader, and we have a couple of them within the Woodfarm range.

Why does everyone want a hot tub?

Interestingly, a number of people are turning to Google to understand exactly why everyone has a preference for hot tubs when it comes to rest and relaxation. Hopefully, our review of other popular questions asked by the public has done plenty to explain exactly why you would want to book a holiday with a hot tub.
It’s interesting to note that a great deal of the questions people ask Google about hot tubs has to do with their maintenance and running costs. There’s no denying there’s plenty of work that goes into keeping them in tip-top condition and ensuring they perform at their best. Of course, when you book holidays with hot tubs, you don’t have to worry about any of this boring stuff. Instead, you get all of the benefits and none of the paperwork or occasional headaches that come with running a hot tub yourself. It really is one of life’s greatest win-win situations.

Champagne and hot tubs – a classic combination!

As if these questions didn’t provoke enough information when considering holiday cottages with hot tubs, we’ve also gathered together a series of interesting facts about hot tubs. Because fun facts are fun, after all.

Hot tubs by numbers:
At any one point in time there are around 17,000 people relaxing in a hot tub. It’s rare that 17,000 people are wrong about something, so we’d definitely recommend you join them when enjoying a holiday with a hot tub.
More than 43,000 champagne bottles are opened in hot tubs each year. Never a fan of doing things by half measures (if you’ll excuse the pun), we’d also recommend complementing your soak with a glass of bubbly, and we provide Champagne buckets for you!
There are around 26 million functioning hot tubs worldwide. Whilst we might be more than a little partial, we’re failing confident that ours provide an edge over many of these as they are situated amidst beautiful surroundings and are perfectly set up for holidays with hot tubs.

In summary, if you’re planning to enjoy a holiday with a hot tub, Woodfarm Barns provides you with plenty of options and suitably cosy accommodation to go along with it. Of course, the location of our Barns for rent also means that you’ll have no difficulty in finding things to do in between your soaks.

How to book your hot tub holiday.

Be sure to take a look at our calendar to seek out our current availability and feel free to get in touch with our team if you wish to find out anything more about our Barns, hot tubs, or Suffolk more generally.

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Reasons to Stay at Woodfarm, Suffolk

We happen to think what we have on offer is pretty bloomin' good. However, we thought you might like a bunch of reasons to stay, other than we think you should!

beach huts
all accommodation

Brilliant beaches! Suffolk has an incredible Heritage Coast, with great beaches, all in easy reach of us.

dog paw print
all accommodation

Dogs stay FREE, and we don't just tolerate them, we welcome them! We've built our reputation on this, and we're proud of it!

at the barns

Pawesome, fully-enclosed two acre Pooch Paddock for your Dogs to go bonkers and make new friends in.

dog biscuit
all accommodation

Free Doggy treats, Dog bowls, and Dog towels. Our furry friends even get Woodfarm branded poop bag holders!

all accommodation

Visit England Gold Awards coming out of our ears, as well as their coveted ROSE Award for Service Excellence.

thumbs up
all accommodation

Well in excess of 1,000 Five Star Tripadvisor, Facebook & Google Reviews. Over 25% of our guests come back!

hot tubs
all accommodation

Private Hot tubs with seven of our eight Barns and Cottages. The ultimate in relaxation, just because you're worth it.

all accommodation

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Yes, plural. Two AONB's on our doorstep! Suffolk Coast & Heaths, and Dedham Vale.

river walks
on the barges

Stunning river walks directly from your gangplank on either Barge! Wildlife and breathtaking scenery in abundance.

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