Lockdown Birthday

Happy Lockdown Birthday Woodfarm! 11th Birthday Competition

The Woodfarm brand is 11 years, and to celebrate, even though we are in Lockdown right now, we are going to do what we like to do and give away a FREE BREAK in one of our Barns, to one Lucky Winner, for when it’s all over!

As I write this on the 9th May 2020, my business is officially 11 old years today. Ironic that whilst it was a rip-roaring success for almost 11 years, growing year on year, on year, the last 47 days have been the worst in Woodfarm history. On account of we are shut! But we won’t let an irksome global pandemic get us down. Nah, we’re stronger than that!

Yep, Day 47 of the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, so I’m having a birthday in solitary confinement. If you are reading this on ‘Dave’ in the future, it was the time when we couldn’t have any guests, and the world was struggling to say the least. And whilst we weren’t open for business, we found ourselves far better off than a lot people.

Anyhoo, I’m determined that when we come out of this, we will come back stronger than ever, like a weak thing getting strong. If only there was a phrase for this about mythical Greek birds and embers.

So what does the Number 11 mean? It could be Legs 11 if you’re a Bingo fan, or Oceans 11 if you’re a Brad Clooney fan. Maybe even just ’11’ if you’re a fan of ‘Stranger things’, like me. Or it could just mean your corner shop, currently selling pints of milk for £400 if you have a 7-11 near you (are they still going?)

Lockdown Birthday for Woodfarm - pic by Kentaro Toma
Lockdown Birthday for Woodfarm – pic by Kentaro Toma

I took to Google in order too see if there was any more significant meaning to the Number 11 and this was the top of my search results;

“Number 11 consists of number 1 that appears twice and it is known that this number is a symbol of new beginnings and opportunities that are going to appear in front of you. This number is considered to be a symbol of high energy, intuition, enthusiasm and creative energy”

Ok, I think that’s a load of old Mumbo Jumbo, but I’ll take the bit about “new beginnings and opportunities”, coupled with “high energy, intuition, enthusiasm and creative energy”.

WIN a FREE BREAK - Lockdown 11th Birthday for Woodfarm
WIN a FREE BREAK in The Granary Barn with our Lockdown 11th Birthday

What’s that I hear you say? Oh yeah, you’re only here for the FREE BREAK, I keep forgetting. But in order for you to WIN that, you had to read through all my tripe above. Here’s how you WIN a FREE BREAK in The Granary Barn;

  1. You enter your name and email address below (see boring GDPR guff below below)
  2. You correctly answer our incredibly tricky question
  3. You share our Competition Post that brung you here, with all your mates
  4. You hit the ‘Like’ Button for Woodfarm Barns & Woodfarm Barges

Then you focus your mind on us picking your name out of our virtual when we draw a WINNER on the 1st July 2020. Why that date? Cos it gives plenty of time for everyone to enter and share it, and it’s my Daughter’s Birthday. 

Good luck!


Terms & Conditions;

The prize for this Holiday Competition is for a FOUR NIGHT MIDWEEK BREAK in The Granary Barn in Stonham Aspal. You’ll be able to take it, subject to global pandemics and availability, between 1st October 2020 and the 28th February 2021, excluding Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Easter, School and Bank Holidays etc, so you have a full five months to take your FREE BREAK!

It’ll be for two adults and up to three dogs.

Please note that we cannot announce the winner first on Social Media, it has to be by email. If we do not hear back from you within 48 hours of notifying you that you have won, we will pick another correct entrant and so on until someone responds. By entering you do consent to us announcing your name on Social Media once you have accepted your prize. We won’t divulge any personal info of course. We’d obviously really appreciate it if you could then shout it from the rooftops!

There is no cash alternative.

Victor Meldrew clause; If all that doesn’t suit you or you are of the opinion that “no-one ever wins these” then feel free to not enter and gaze at your navel instead. We have given away so many breaks over the years to some very happy people, but you’ll never be one of them if you bumble through life with Meldrew shaped chips on your shoulders.

GDPR gubbins;

We absolutely never share your info and we retain it purely and simply so we can keep you informed. Informed of our regular Free Break Competitions like this one, Exclusive VIP Offers, Cancellations, Events, Places of Interest to you, and News from around the beautiful County of Suffolk. It is called Marketing. We keep you informed of the good stuff so that you may consider us when making your holiday and short break decisions.

If you do not wish to hear about the things I mentioned you can opt out now or at any time simply by unsubscribing. 

We do not bombard you. This is just a small, independent business, working hard to promote escapes from the norm in Suffolk; that’s all. We are not out to get you!

We would love to stay in touch with you but it is your choice. We have built our database in a very professional and responsible way and continually given you the opportunity to not hear from us again. If you choose to ‘leave’ us then I wish you all the best for the future and hope you have enjoyed reading what we have had to say in the past.

Reasons to Stay at Woodfarm, Suffolk

We happen to think what we have on offer is pretty bloomin' good. However, we thought you might like a bunch of reasons to stay, other than we think you should!

beach huts illustration
all accommodation

Brilliant beaches! Suffolk has an incredible Heritage Coast, with great beaches, all in easy reach of us.

paw illustration
all accommodation

Dogs stay FREE, and we don't just tolerate them, we welcome them! We've built our reputation on this, and we're proud of it!

fence illustration
at the barns

Pawesome, fully-enclosed two acre Pooch Paddock for your Dogs to go bonkers and make new friends in.

dog treat bones illustration
all accommodation

Free Doggy treats, Dog bowls, and Dog towels. Our furry friends even get Woodfarm branded poop bag holders!

trophy illustration
all accommodation

Visit England Gold Awards coming out of our ears, as well as their coveted ROSE Award for Service Excellence.

thumbs up illustration
all accommodation

Well in excess of 1,000 Five Star Tripadvisor, Facebook & Google Reviews. Over 25% of our guests come back!

hot tubs illustration
all accommodation

Private Hot tubs with seven of our eight Barns and Cottages. The ultimate in relaxation, just because you're worth it.

boots drawing
all accommodation

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Yes, plural. Two AONB's on our doorstep! Suffolk Coast & Heaths, and Dedham Vale.

river walks illustration
on the barges

Stunning river walks directly from your gangplank on either Barge! Wildlife and breathtaking scenery in abundance.

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