Dog Passport – your dogs become OUR guests

Dog Passport - VIPooch

Last Updated on November 24, 2022

With a Woodfarm Dog Passport when they stay, your Dog becomes our VIPooch. What on earth is a VIPooch I hear you ask? Well, we all know what a VIP is, and at Woodfarm we value our human guests and prospective guests. However, we like to go one step further for your furry family and let returning Dogs come and stay for FREE as ‘our guest’! Because they are VIPooches!…

Dog Passport?!?! Or should we say ‘Pawsport’? (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

You don’t have to have a Dog to come and stay at our Barns or Barges (though some people think you do!) but the majority of our guests are Dog owners. That’s where we’ve built our reputation. We understand that your Dog is your ‘VIPooch’ and we’re known for providing them with a warm welcome, as well as catering for their needs and ensuring that you can relax.

We have thousands of rave reviews from happy Dog owners and have featured in a number of Dog Magazines, The Times, and on the TV!

VIPooch - The Seal of Approval
VIPooch – The Seal of Approval – your Dogs are Royalty around here!

With fully-enclosed gardens at the Barns, and a fully-enclosed 2 acre Meadow for our canine guests to run around in and meet each other, your VIPooch will have a great time. They’ll get loads of exercise amongst the wild grasses, with the scent of rabbits, muntjac deer, pheasants and lots of other wildlife.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes have fun in our meadow
Dogs of all shapes and sizes have fun in our meadow

The Barges are a different proposition obviously as they don’t have gardens, but your Dogs will still receive their very own Dog Passport and return for free. You do have room for them to join you in the fresh air on deck, with breath-taking river views. Ok, they may not rave about the views as much as you, but they’ll love all the amazing smells and sounds! You do have incredible walks right from the gangplank of both Barges too, which they will love!

Happy Dogs aboard our barges
VIPooch – Dog-Friendly Woodfarm Barns & Barges

We welcome up to three Dogs in each Barn and Barge and they’ll each have their own Dog Passport, as well as doggy treats. We have a small charge of £15 per Dog, per stay, to cover the extra work required in our cleaning and maintenance regime, when Dogs have been to stay. We charge as we believe it is fairer on our guests without Dogs that way. However, when they come back, they will be our guest!

Once your Dogs have been stay with us, then they will stay for FREE as ‘our guest’, the next time you come!

Yes, that’s right. Once your Dog has been to stay at Woodfarm, they’ll return as a VIPooch, free of charge next time, as our guest.

They will get their very own ‘Principality of Woodfarm’ Dog Passport when they stay, with lots of valuable information inside, such as Dog-Friendly beaches, walks and vet info etc. It also has the codes to ensure they come back FREE!

Dog Passport - VIPooch
VIPooch Doggy Passport from the Principality of Woodfarm

After your stay, we’ll drop you a line to remind you, to make sure your Dog comes FREE of charge next time.

Would you like a Dog Passport (or 2 or 3) in the post?

If you’ve stayed with us before and you’d like your dog to have their own Woodfarm Dog Passport, just drop us a line and we’ll pop one in the post for each dog.

We have so many Dog-Friendly Pubs & Restaurants that your Dogs will love to visit, they’ll be wanting you to re-book as soon as you leave! CLICK HERE to see a few of our faves nearby.

Please note:
This is a brand new incentive, with effect from October 2019 and under no circumstances can we apply it retrospectively to any existing repeat bookings. It’s a new thing. It’s a bit like popping into Debenhams and seeing the jumper you bought last week is now in the sale; you can’t ask for the difference. Sorry, we just can’t do it.