Hot Tubs – Famous enthusiasts

Suffolk Holiday Cottages with decadent champagne

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

When you come to stay with us in one of our Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs you’ll be living the high life. Here’s some of the exalted company you’ll be among when you take your dip.

Famous Hot Tub enthusiasts (who have not stayed in any of our cottages with hot tubs) in no particular order (of famousness or level of Hot Tub enthusiasm):

Snoop Dogg.

Ever dreamt of being a word famous rapper, spitting rhymes like… erm… a thing that spits rhymes really well? Well we cant promise to turn you into a Hip-hop star when you stay with us in one of our Cottages with Hot tubs, but we can make you feel like Snoop Dog when you take the plunge.

Snoop (or is that ‘Mr Dog’?) has made his love of Hot Tubes well known and even recorded a music video for his single ‘Hangover’ with Psy in one.

Mariah Carey.

Run out of hot water but need to give your K9 pal a bath? Mariah Carey discovered that her Hot Tub was the perfect solution to such a dilemma.

What you do in your own home is up to you Mariah, no judgement here.

You can’t let your dog into the Hot Tub here though Mariah, they are for humans only!

Donald Faison and Zach Braff.

Guy love is alive and well between these two stars of the TV show Scrubs.

Looking for Holiday Cottages With Hot Tubs to take a well deserved break after putting in a hard acting shift on one of TV’s most popular sit-coms? Check out Woodfarm Barns guys. We’ll look after you.

And we promise not to keep telling you about our favourite scenes. Honest.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

We’re not ones to gossip but before their split ‘Bradelina’ were apparently very fond of relaxing in a hot tub whilst on holiday.

Well guys, if you fancy an escape to the countryside to enjoy one of our Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs then we promise to give you space whilst you patch things up.

We’ll even tell the paparazzi that you’ve gone to Norfolk. Don’t worry guys, we’ve got your backs.


This pop star apparently celebrated her birthday with a trip to Aspen and a dip in a hot tub.

Well, Suffolk may not be as good for skiing but a relax in one of our hot tubs is just as enjoyable.

You may want to bring your umbrella (ella-ella) though, the weather in the UK can be unpredictable. [Sorry couldn’t resit that corny joke]

Want to follow in these celebrity footsteps and book a break in one of our Cottages With Hot Tubs? You can check our availability here: