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Newbourne dog walk – Riverscapes and countryside vistas

The Fox Inn, Newbourne

If you’re an outsider, you might not have heard of the charming Suffolk village of Newbourne. But there are many reasons to visit, including a beautiful medium-length dog walking trail.

Just a half hour’s drive from Woodfarm Barns, 15 minutes from our Twee Gebroeders barge and 30 minutes from our Onderneming barge, Newbourne is an excellent choice for a day trip with your dog. A small rural community with a population of less than 350, the village ticks all the boxes of an idyllic ‘storybook’ location, with its peaceful atmosphere, attractive houses and well-kept gardens.

Here, you’ll find an easy, circular walk which takes around an hour and a half, if walking at a steady pace. Factor in a stop or two at the irresistible pubs along the way, as well as a couple of photo opportunities, and you’re probably looking at three hours. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, and your dog will love it!

Newbourne Village Hall – begin your dog walk

Unless the village hall is in use, you can usually find a space to park your car and begin your walk. Otherwise, the nearest car park is at The Fox Inn (more on this fantastic pub later), which is just down the road.

At this point, your dog is probably raring to go – and you’re likely excited to work up an appetite for a delicious pub lunch, too! Pop a leash on your pup and make your way past the children’s play area (try not to give in to the oddly relaxing nest swing), and head into the forest onto the boardwalk.

You’ll come to an open, grassy area. Just follow the trail where the grass has been walked over. Pass through two gates and the trail will finally start to look like a proper track. This takes you through Hemley, where you’ll see the All Saints’ parish church, which dates back to the 14th century.

Turn left before the church and walk past the beautiful country houses and cottages which sparsely line the street. At the end of the street, you’ll find a metal gate. Walk around it and continue down the tree-lined track (avoiding horse poop as you go!) past Hemley Hall and to the end of the path where you’ll see a sign for a bridleway.

Take a right at this sign to walk down a pretty lane where you’ll come to White House. Turn left and walk through the fields, once again walking into a forested area where you’ll find a lake. If your dog is inclined to swim, this is a good spot. If not, continue on the forest path towards the river bank, turning left before the boats, and follow it to The Maybush pub. You can’t miss it – there are usually customers sitting outside on the spacious terrace, especially on a sunny day.

Enjoy a meal at The Maybush

A Deben Inns pub, The Maybush oozes charm, making it a popular hotspot for people of all ages, with or without dogs. Park up outside if it’s sunny and enjoy a pint of our local brew, Adnams, and a hearty pub meal. Head inside to see the specials on the chalkboard by the bar, or pick from the well-rounded menu.

In summer, this venue in the divine riverside village of Waldringfield is bustling with locals and visitors. On the weekend, you’ll likely see families enjoying the narrow strip of sand below the pub, as well as those with boats heading out on the water for a leisurely sail. If your pup is eager to make friends, there are plenty of opportunities here, as it’s a favourite of dog owners!

Head back into the countryside

Once you’ve satisfied your stomach, walk across the terrace to the right side of the pub, and turn left. You should see a red phone box near the entrance to the car park. Follow this road for around 350 yards, admiring the surprising mix of architecture, until you reach a footpath sign on your left.

Turn left here and follow the track to the gap in the hedge on the right, where you’ll see a large, open field. Walk across the field to another gap in a hedge and cross the road to continue to the next footpath.

Walk down the path and through the trees, into a field with an oak tree, and then a straight grass track. Take a right along the road to walk around 100 yards, then another right at the footpath sign. Cross the field, descend the stairs, then follow the road.

Indulge with some dessert at The Fox Inn

Along the road, you’ll find the attractive village pub, The Fox Inn, another arm of the local Deben Inns group. With a pink facade fringed with colourful blooms, The Fox could be one of the prettiest pubs in the region; however, it’s not just its appearance that attracts patrons.

This dog-friendly pub is known for its great service and excellent food. In fact, they recently bagged county winner in The National Pub & Bar Awards 2019 – so if that doesn’t convince you to stop for a second helping of yummy local grub, we don’t know what will!

Walk through Newbourne village

Enjoy a pleasant walk through this peaceful village and along the way stop to admire the stunning Newbourne Hall. This manor house features architecture from various eras, the earliest being 14th century and the latest additions made in 1870. Visitors are able to take a guided tour of the property for £10 with a prior written appointment.

You’ll also pass St Mary’s Church, a Grade I listed building and functioning parish church for Newbourne. The church is medieval in origin, and in its graveyard lay the bodies of two brothers known as the Newbourne Giants. George and Meadows Page were 7’7” and 7’4” respectively, and became famous after joining a travelling circus. Their home, Giants House, remains on The Street in Newbourne and can also be spotted on this walk.

After you’re confident you’ve absorbed all that Newbourne can offer, finish your trip at the village hall and head back to Woodfarm Barns where your cosy, dog-friendly cottage is waiting for you, or Woodfarm Barges to your unique and historic barge. We look forward to seeing you!

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Dog-Friendly review from a unique perspective

Dog Friendly review

This Dog-Friendly review from a unique perspective took us by surprise when it came in the other day. We like to think that Woodfarm Barns & Barges are universally appealing, and it’s this reason that we get all types of guests staying here. Read on and you’ll see why we were taken aback with this review!

Dog-Friendly Cottages in Suffolk

Whether you’re a couple or a family, coming from near or far, searching for adventure or a peaceful break, our Suffolk-based luxury cottages are versatile enough to suit your idea of a holiday, whether you need dog-friendly or not.

Recently, we received a message from a guest who stayed at Woodfarm Barns with his family for a weekend exploring the Suffolk countryside. It wasn’t long after his short break that he got in touch to leave us a review, and as he gave such a unique perspective we thought it was only right to publish it (with his permission) on our blog. So, without further ado:

“I have never visited anywhere quite like Woodfarm Barns. My family and I live in London, and although we regularly head to the countryside for short breaks, we haven’t been spoiled with such tranquil surroundings, plush cottages and excellent amenities before. This was a real treat for us.

Dog-Friendly Cottages with a fully enclosed 2 acre meadow!

Arriving into Woodfarm by car, we were greeted by the owner, Carl, who helped us with our bags and showed us the amazing 2 acre, fully enclosed doggy meadow before showing us to our cottage. We stayed in Alde Barn – all of the barns in the meadow are named after local rivers (how quirky!) – which was a delight as soon as we walked in. The first thing I noticed was the excellent level of cleanliness; I’m very fastidious and have a sensitive nose, so I was worried I would see or smell remnants of previous canine and human occupants, but that wasn’t the case!

Dog-Friendly Cottages with private hot tubs

As we looked around the cottage we spotted a range cooker in the farmhouse-style kitchen (perfect for my mum’s delicious roast chicken) as well as plenty of workspace and a Nespresso machine – a nice touch even though I’m not a coffee drinker. A walk through to the living room revealed a comfy settee with a TV and a log burning fire (I fell asleep in front of this each evening, as it was just so cosy). Upstairs we spotted a mezzanine bedroom with an attractive sleigh bed, and outside we stopped to appreciate the huge hot tub, which my parents were very excited about.

For me, it was all about the spacious, private garden. Spending time outside is a must for me, being from a city apartment without even so much as a balcony, and this was perfect. I had my own privacy, and with Suffolk having such agreeable weather, we had no rain during our stay.

Being an adventure-loving family, we spent lots of time exploring the local area. From the dozens of nearby walking trails to the charming, clean beaches, there was plenty for us to see. We visited a couple of dog-friendly pubs along the way, where we indulged in some delicious local cuisine. I recommend Aldeburgh’s White Hart Inn and The Golden Key in Snape – I spent most of the time under the table, but from what I could tell, the atmosphere was lovely.

Dog-Friendly Cottages with a fab breakfast basket

After long days spent walking around, we were glad to come back to our homely cottage where we could put our feet up. Woodfarm provided us with a bountiful breakfast basket full of local goodies as a gift – and there was even a treat for me, too! How very thoughtful.

I would happily return to Woodfarm Barns in a heartbeat. I felt more welcome here than I could have wished for. The entire cottage was comfortable, clean and well looked after.

Nothing seemed to be too much to ask for the staff. All in all a real gem in the Suffolk countryside.”

Max, age 21 (3 in human years)

Thanks Max! You’re welcome back here any time 

(Pics 2 & 4 by Emma Bearman, with Alfie Bear)

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Spotlight on The Fire Station Woodbridge

The Firestation Woodbridge are a fabulous Suffolk business, roasting coffee and providing visitors with a great coffee shop in which to try their wares. In our latest ‘interview’, General Manager Jacqui Grimsey gives us an insight into the wonderful world of coffee. Suffolk style.

Fire Station Woodbridge doing what they do best

We asked Jacqui a whole bunch of questions about what she does and why she does it, as well as what she loves about doing her thing in Suffolk at the Fire Station Woodbridge.

What’s your background?

I have always had a varied working life, ever since I was younger, but I have always been based in retail and customer facing. As I got older, I realised I had a real love for food and drink, and so ended up leaning towards roles in restaurants, delicatessens, even a local brewery and now a coffee roasters and cafe.

What made you decide to do this? 

I fell in love with the Fire Station Woodbridge through living here, and then when a good friend started working here, it became a regular haunt as it just has a completely different vibe to the rest of Woodbridge. It’s always been the slightly lefty, quirky place, that was accepting of everyone and had the added bonus of roasting their own coffee. I got to know the staff well and through one of those lovely life moments, I was invited to manage the place. I felt very humbled to be asked to run my favourite coffee house, as my dream was to always run my own food business. 

What would you say your role is?

The Fire Station Woodbridge Roastery and Cafe

My role at the Fire Station Woodbridge is technically General Manager and a large part of my role is looking after the wholesale side of the Roastery, but I am a complete martyr and I love to get stuck in and get my hands dirty. I get such a kick out of interacting with my staff and customers, and making sure everyone is having a good time. So when you pop in, you’ll probably see me making coffee, whizzing around, or sitting in the cafe answering emails and chatting to the locals. 

Is Suffolk a great place to work and if so, why?

You know, if you had asked me this pre-University, I would have given you a proper teenage grumble and told you I hate Suffolk and it’s all rubbish. I now think the complete opposite. University and a year travelling really opened my eyes to how beautiful Suffolk is. I feel very privileged to have grown up here, and to work in Woodbridge is very special. I think Suffolk, and especially Woodbridge, has a great community spirit and a big food and drink culture, and it’s very easy to meet like-minded people to share your passions. And if you need a break, the scenery is perfect to get lost in for a couple of hours. 

Fire Station Woodbridge Coffee Roasters

What do you think makes The Fire Station Woodbridge out from the crowd?

Well, we certainly don’t like convention at the Fire Station Woodbridge. We are very proud of being very inclusive of all ages, genders, races and backgrounds – I like to see the cafe as a big front room where we welcome our customers like old friends. I want everyone to feel like they can come in, relax and put their feet up, whilst enjoying really fresh coffee roasted just behind the cafe. We also like to be a bit different in the music we play, the art we display and the bar events we offer. Previously we have had themed vinyl nights, board game nights, themed quizzes and pop-up restaurants, and 2018’s calendar is gearing up to be even bigger and better! watch this space…

What does the future hold for you and the business?
We’re always looking ahead here at the Fire Station Woodbridge as we always have so many exciting things we want to do! But the short term sees the addition of a monthly quiz hosted by Desmond Sparkles (he may be familiar to some…), as well as (I’m VERY excited about this one) our new Monthly Sunday Boast slot. This is on the 1st Sunday of every month, and we will be hosting a Roast Dinner club! Big plates of wholesome food, beer and wine to boot, so come fill your boots. The future future holds an exciting new venture collaborating with the Artstation in Saxmundham, so keep an eye on our social media for more information…

Which products or service are your personal favourite and what are the most popular with your customers?

I guess it might be obvious, but just our love of coffee. Coffee is our most popular seller in our cafe, both hot offerings and beans. We are always happy to chat to customers a the Fire Station Woodbridge about what we’re roasting and using for espresso, and how they can tailor our coffee to their needs. I’m very adamant that pretentiousness and snobbery – which can often be associated with the speciality coffee world – is not welcome here and I encourage my staff and customers to share their experience and feel comfortable to ask questions, no matter how silly they might think they are. Trust me – no question is silly, we all have to learn somehow!

What’s been your most embarrassing or most humorous moment in the business?

Blimey, I mean I’m fantastic at always being an embarrassment. Luckily I can’t think of anything too major, but I’m very good at forgetting how small our cafe is and that everyone can see me, so I am always singing or doing some stupid dance in the kitchen and then realising that I am fully on show. I do worry that my singing is going to put customers off…

Well us about three other businesses or organisations in Suffolk that you admire and why? (You can leave Woodfarm out!)

Fire Station Woodbridge Coffee Roasters in Suffolk

Ooo that’s a good question… It might be cheating, but I really admire the Wright Family and everything they have done with the Cake Shop Bakery. They are the hardest working, most driven and determined people I have ever met, and I am proud to now be working with them. 

I would also say I really admire Applaud Coffee in Ipswich. I’ve known Hannah and Beth for some years since working at the Suffolk Food Hall together, and those 2 women have worked their socks off to make a success of their coffee shop. Their coffee is always spot on, and I love their cakes. They are always so smiley and happy when I go in too, and I wish them all the best with their new projects. 

And lastly, I would have to say Old Jet Arts Centre at Bentwaters Park. What Jesse has done with the buildings up their is hugely inspiring, and I always have huge admiration for anyone trying to boost locals artists and creatives in the area. The monthly film Club there is brilliant – where else can you see great independent films whilst eating a Twix on a chaise-lounge? If you don’t know about Old Jet, go and look now – their events calendar is really exciting.

Thank you so much to Jacqui for this insight and for the fab coffee on my recent visit! To find out more about what they’re all about, check out their website and do go in when you’re in Woodbridge, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m also delighted to say that as of 2018 The Fire Station will be supplying the coffee in all our cottages and barges so you’ll be able to try their amazing produce whilst you’re here!

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Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market

The Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market

Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market is just around the corner, literally. Both in miles and also in time as I write!

Bury St Edmunds Christmas MarketThe Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market is a real barometer for me to tell me that Christmas is near. Once the adverts start appearing locally for it, I can almost smell the chestnuts roasting! There’s always a stall there that does amazing toasted almonds too!

The town has a great mix of old and new nowadays, with the Market based in the old part, just a stones throw from the new shops.

With the Abbey as a backdrop, the market takes on a great feel and is so popular with our Holiday Cottage guests. It’s only a 25 minute drive away and has an array of amazing stalls to get you into the festive mood.

With 300-plus stalls, the Market is a traditional street market, adding to Bury’s quaint cafés, traditional tearooms, cosy pubs and award winning restaurants. Oh, and shops galore! Check out the full programme of events on their website.

Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market in SuffolkIt runs from the 23rd to the 26th November 2017 with a firework display on the opening night and loads of free entertainment throughout. There’s a Christmas Magic show in the Abbey Gardens, Face Painting and Circus skills workshops. Santa’s Elves will be there, as well as Reindeer in the Abbey Gardens from 12 noon on Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday. There are Ice Cookery Theatre demonstrations in the Cathedral and a Provisions Market, as well as Carol Services. There is so much to do at the Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market for kids of all ages.

The Angel Hill area of Bury St Edmunds, with its recently crowned cathedral, medieval Abbey Gate and links with Charles Dickens is the ideal setting for this traditional Christmas Fayre. The town’s cosmopolitan shopping centre has a great mix of famous name stores and independent shops plus cafés and restaurants galore. We have some festive availability at the time of writing so check out our calendar below.

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Aldeburgh, what’s on in 2017.

Suffolk coastal accommodation - Aldeburgh beach

Summer will soon be upon us once again and Aldeburgh has plenty to offer the discerning traveller in 2017.

Aldeburgh is well worth a visit at any time of the year. It boasts some excellent attractions. Beautiful beaches, wonderful shops and galleries, cosy pubs and restaurants as well as some of the best Fish and Chips in the county.

But summer is when the town really bursts into life.

If recent summers are anything to go by, we should be fortunate enough to enjoy another long hot sunny summer here in Suffolk. Just perfect for exploring the unspoilt jewel that is Aldeburgh.

The 9th to the 25th of June sees the Aldeburgh Festival taking place in the nearby Snape Maltings. Just a short drive from us here at Woodfarm Barns and an extremely popular destination amongst our guests.

This music and arts festival has grown in size, stature and popularity over the last few years and is now a major, must-visit event here in Suffolk. It’s one of the highlights of a packed calendar of arts and culture here in one of Britain’s most beautiful counties.

The annual festival has something for everyone, including Classical, Folk, Roots, World music, Jazz and even Opera. Aldeburgh festival 2017

What’s more if you ‘catch the bug’ and feel like exploring your own creativity then the festival has you covered with masterclasses and open sessions for us all to join in with.

For a full line up and details about all the events at 2017’s Aldeburgh Festival, visit the official page.

2017 also sees the return of Aldeburgh’s popular ‘Summer Theatre’, offering drama, comedy, romance and so much more. For a full list of performances, you can visit their official site.

So if you feel like spending some of summer 2017 here in Suffolk exploring Aldeburgh, then why not stay in a luxury holiday cottage whilst you do?

If you feel like pampering yourself this year then we have five barns for couples with luxurious Hot Tubs and you can check our availability here.

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Woodbridge – a firm favourite with our guests

Woodbridge is a stunning little market town with plenty to offer visitors of all kinds.

Located just a short drive from us here at Woodfarm Barns, the small town of Woodbridge is a very popular destination among our guests.

Fancy stepping back into deep history with your whole family?

Then Sutton Hoo could be the ultimate place for a day out in Suffolk. It’s an ‘awe-inspiring Anglo-Saxon royal burial site’ on the outskirts of Woodbridge. It boasts an excellent museum and visitor centre, all you need to experience this world famous historical site for yourself.

Or for something completely different, how does fighting Zombies sound to you? Fun? Well for some people it is. If that’s your cup of tea then there’s ‘Zombie Survival Mission’. Come and test your wits and your nerves against the Zombie hordes in Woodbridge.

The Zombie action has been described as a “fabulous night for zombie fans or for people that just want to do something different” (Facebook reviewer, Daniel Sage).

So, if surviving a night of the living dead is your idea of a good time, you can find out more about Zombie Survival Mission by visiting their website, or you can connect with them on Facebook.

If a more sedate form of entertainment is your thing then you can take a river tour or cruise from a variety of places around Woodbridge.

Personally, a day cruising on the Deben, with the possibility of a delicious meal too sounds like my ideal day out. For more details, pop over to the Visit Suffolk website.

Talking of wonderful food, there’s good reason for Woodbridge being voted one of the top six ‘Foodie Towns’ in the past.

The town features a fantastic array of restaurants to fit all tastes and budgets. A list of the top eateries can be found on TripAdvisor.

It’s easy to see why Woodbridge is so popular with our guests. If you’d like to explore this fantastic little town (along with the rest of Suffolk) this year then you’ll be most welcome in one of our luxury cottages here at Woodfarm Barns. Check our availability here.

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Suffolk Villages and Towns: Southwold

One of the most popular leisure destinations in Suffolk is the stunning seaside town of Southwold.

Southwold boasts some of the best beaches in the entire UK, combined with a rich history and culture, so it’s clear why Southwold proves constantly popular with our visitors here at Woodfarm Barns.

For many people, Southwold’s long stretches of beautiful sandy beach are more than enough reason to visit. However there is plenty more to see and do in this spectacular part of Suffolk’s Heritage Coast.

Southwold’s pier is a particularly splendid jewel in the town’s crown. Whilst many piers around the UK are declining into disrepair, Southwold’s pier is enjoying a new lease of life having been entirely rebuilt back in 2001. We have previously written a blog entirely about this wonderful pier.

Many of our guests enjoy sampling the local tipples brewed here in Suffolk. Many of the most popular of which, and some would say the best, are produced by the famous Adnams Brewery. Adnams have been brewing in Southwold since 1872, when they took over a brewery that had been operating since 1818. Adnams’ award winning ales, ciders and now gin, are a recognised brand internationally.

Brewery tours are available upon booking. You can book your tour by visiting Adnams’ website here.

Fine beers and a sandy beach. What else could the discerning holidaymaker possibly need?

A museum showcasing the natural and cultural history of the area? They’ve got that too!

A lighthouse you can take a tour of? They have that too!

If you’re planning to explore Southwold for yourself and fancy treating yourself to some luxury Cottage accommodation whilst you do so then why not stay with us at Woodfarm Barns? We’re just a short drive from Southwold (and many of the other wonderful destinations in Suffolk).

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Suffolk Villages and Towns – Snape

Dog Friendly holiday barge Onderneming

Snape may be a tiny village (with only around 600 inhabitants) but it punches well above its weight when it comes to tourist destinations.

The main reason Snape is so regularly visited by our guests when they stay with us here at Woodfarm Barns is Snape Maltings.

No longer a functioning commercial Maltings, it has been beautifully converted into a major tourist centre, the most prominent feature of which is the concert hall that plays host to the the annual Aldeburgh Festival.

Whilst we thoroughly recommend shopping the day away at Snape Maltings and relaxing and unwinding to some world class music at the concert hall, the Maltings isn’t all this small treasure of a village has to offer.

Calling the village historic would be an understatement. There have been people living in Snape for around two thousand years! In 1862 a Saxon Burial Ship was discovered there and is believed to date back to between AD410 and AD650.

Though still small today, there were only 49 men recorded as living there at the time of the Domesday Book in 1085, meaning the population was probably close to 150 including women and children.

As if all the history wasn’t enough, visitors in search of a relaxing river trip can embark upon one at the Snape Maltings, operated by Waveney River Tours. It’s a splendid way to spend a beautiful day.

An important note: despite its impressive historical pedigree, regretfully there is no known connection with the actual village and Professor Severus Snape from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. To the disappointment of all us fans (of both the village and the books).

Looking to visit the village and discover this tiny treasure of a village for yourself? We recommend you treat yourself to a luxury stay in one of our holiday cottages here at Woodfarm Barns.

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Lavenham – Suffolk Villages and Towns

Water Street Lavenham

Lavenham in Suffolk has some of the highest property prices in East Anglia. With good reason – the village is simply stunning.

Lavenham is situated right in the heart of Suffolk, a medieval village that is a beautiful sight to behold. We think a visit there is well worth your time.

Famed at the time for its wool production, it was one of the twenty wealthiest settlements in medieval England. This long-standing wealth has led to some stunning half-timbered medieval cottages still existing right down to the present day.

You might recognise some of the older properties in Lavenham as they have been used in multiple films. Just a few years ago one house was used as the house of Harry Potter’s parents. Lavenham was also used in the popular Ian McShane series ‘Lovejoy’.

However, the beauty of Lavenham isn’t only skin deep. There’s more than enough in this wonderful village to make it one of the favourites among our guests as a place to spend a day.

Packed full of interesting architecture, friendly and authentic pubs, restaurants and shops, Lavenham has a wide selection to fit all budgets and time restraints. The finest include The Cock Horse Inn, The Number 10 Wine Bar, and for a taste of Suffolk there’s the Lavenham Blue Tearooms.

People who are fortunate enough to have visited the village speak in glowing terms of its rich and varied buildings, including the 15th-century church of St Peter and St Paul, the Guildhall and the Little Hall.

The more active among our visitors will find plenty of ways to experience the beauty of Lavenham by foot, including the popular circular walk. The walk is 5 and a half miles long and so can form the basis for an extremely pleasant day spent exploring the Suffolk countryside.

If we’ve done enough to convince you that the village of Lavenham is well worth a visit, please do come and stay with us when you do so. Woodfarm Barns is only a short drive away and offers the finest in luxury holiday cottage accommodation. You can check our availability here.

Even more reasons to visit Lavenham

If you’re looking for a charming and picturesque town to visit in England, look no further than Lavenham! This historic town is located in Suffolk County, and it’s home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the country. From its cobblestone streets to its Tudor-style buildings, Lavenham is a must-see destination for anyone visiting England. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this wonderful town and explore some of its most popular attractions.

Lavenham is a popular destination for dog owners, as the town is home to several scenic walking trails that dogs are welcome to explore. One of the most popular routes is the Lavenham Loop, which takes visitors on a tour of the town’s highlights. If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, there’s also the Bury St Edmunds Way, which connects Lavenham with Bury St Edmunds and offers beautiful views of the Suffolk countryside.

There are plenty of other attractions in Lavenham, including its many shops and restaurants. The town is known for its woollen goods, so be sure to visit one of its many textile stores if you’re looking for souvenirs. There are also several pubs and eateries in town, including the popular Lavenham Greyhound.

There is plenty of great dog walks near Lavenham, including the popular Lavenham Loop and the Bury St Edmunds Way. Both of these routes offer beautiful views of the Suffolk countryside, and they’re a great way to spend an afternoon with your furry friend. Be sure to pack a few snacks and drinks, as there are plenty of spots along the way to stop and take a break.

If you’re looking for some unique souvenirs to take home from your trip to Lavenham, be sure to check out the town’s many craft shops. From hand-made jewellery to beautiful pottery, these stores offer something for everyone.

One of the most popular craft shops in Lavenham is The Woolpack, which specialises in woollen goods. This store is a must-visit for anyone interested in textiles, as it offers a wide variety of products, including rugs, blankets, and scarves. Be sure to check out the store’s workshop, where you can watch craftsmen and women create beautiful pieces of art.

Another popular craft shop in Lavenham is The Suffolk Shop. This store specialises in handmade jewellery and offers a wide variety of products including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Be sure to check out the store’s workshop, where you can watch craftsmen and women create beautiful pieces of art.

Lavenham Conclusion

If you are looking for a place to visit that is full of history and culture, Lavenham in Suffolk is the perfect spot. With its charming Tudor buildings and narrow streets, this town has something to offer everyone. And if you are lucky enough to be staying with us at Woodfarm Barns, it’s only a short drive away. So what are you waiting for? Check prices and availability today!

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The Suffolk Walking Festival – For walking. In Suffolk!

Suffolk Walking Festival

Yes, the Suffolk Walking Festival kinda does what it says on  the tin!

If walking is your thing and you like Suffolk (why wouldn’t you?) then the Suffolk Walking Festival is not to be missed!

And 2017 sees the Suffolk Walking Festival celebrate it’s 10th anniversary so it’s bound to be worth attending. Launching on Saturday 13th May and running through until the 4th June, there are loads of walks to suit all abilities and ages. We have written about the Suffolk Walking Festival now for as long as I can remember and it’s one that proves very popular with our guests here at Woodfarm. We already have quite a few people staying during that period, with walks booked in and we only have a handful of available breaks left.

There are so many categories of walks, making this such a popular annual event;

Family Walks

Including Jimmy’s Farm, the River Orwell (so good we named a barn after it!) Sparrows Nest Park, Whitton and Carlton Marshes to name but a few

Walks up to 4 miles

One of these includes a ‘Nordic Taster’ incorporating West Stow Country Park, which is a fabulous place, as well as Shotley Point, Christchurch Park, Nowton Park, The Abbey in Bury St Edmunds and many others

Walks of 5 to 10 miles

Getting a little more serious now with organised walks taking in ‘The Middy’, which to the uninitiated is the Mid Suffolk Light railway, Rendlesham Forest, a couple of mills around Ixworth, a charity dog walk over towards the coast and a wonderful walk from Clare to Cavendish in the medieval heart of Suffolk

Walks over 10 miles

Ok, roll your sleeves up as it’s now getting heavy! Firstly there are 3, one day options to take in the St Edmunds Way, which totals 79 miles in all. Then theres a coastal walk taking in the River Blyth and Wolsley Creek, a stunning river walk from Pin Mill, and a walk from Stowmarket Railway Station to Bury St Edmunds Railway Station, without using the train or the A14!

Challenge Walks

Ok, this one separates the men (and women) from the boys (and girls). Phew, PC battle avoided!

These are seriously serious walks, encapsulating Constable Country, Halls and Castles, Ancient Woodlands, Saxons (!) and the epic Stour Valley challenge of a 63 miler in under 30 hours!

Whichever takes your fancy (I think I’m up amongst the first lot!) you only have a few midweek breaks left to choose from and a couple weekends at the time of writing this so if you plan to combine our walk/s with a stay at Woodfarm, you’ll need to book pretty sharpish.

Check out our availability calendar here