Bug Hotel Expansion @ Woodfarm

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Yes folks, our Bug Hotel has expanded, providing yet more luxury accommodation for the creatures we share this little planet with!

Actually, truth be told, it’s not really aimed at the little creature market, as it’s a Hedgehog House. But, Bug Hotel sounds cooler, and to be honest, I’m sure that some Bugs have already found their way in. I feel I’m digressing somewhat.

If you follow us diligently (and why wouldn’t you?) you may recall in November 2019 that we blogged to tell you about our business expansion into the Bug & Hedgehog world. You can read about it now if you missed it!

Our 2019 expansion of Woodfarm into the Bug Hotel market

Well, we’ve now upped our game, thanks to the kindness of Woodfarm regulars Fran & Mark. Around the time we were doing all the above, Fran was also buying a little Hedgehog home for her mum Ronnie. Fran sadly lost her mum before any wee Hogs could get to use it, so on a recent stay back at Woodfarm HQ, Fran brought the house for us to put to good use, which we now have.

Of course, this little home could only have one name; Ronnie’s Cottage.

As you go about your business today, please keep an eye out for any homeless Hedgehogs, or Bugs, and let them know about a great place to stay in the Suffolk countryside. Please give them our web (yes we home a lot of Spiders too!) address and tell them they will be most welcome.

Thank you to Fran, and we hope that this is a fitting tribute to your mum x

New Hedgehog home @ the Woodfarm Bug Hotel