Bug Hotel @ Woodfarm Barns

Bug Hotel at Woodfarm Barns

Last Updated on July 10, 2021

Providing a Bug Hotel is just is just one way we can help the conservation of this lovely planet of ours, so we decided to get to it!

We are in the accommodation business, and we just happen to care about the planet we live on in, as well as the other beings on it. So we decided to have our very own Bug Hotel at Woodfarm Barns! 

I’d seen these in various places, usually on woodland walks. But I was enjoying breakfast in the Summer, at one of my favourite places, Honey & Harvey and noticed one outside. Their coffee shop at Melton, near Woodbridge is on Riduna Park and there is a fabulous Bug Hotel built by Greener Growth.

I Googled what it was all about and then found one very quickly online, so I ordered it there and then.

Bug Hotel at Woodfarm Barns
Bug Hotel at Woodfarm Barns

As you can see, in true Woodfarm style, we then set about creating a logo for it too! Chuffed with my purchase, I looked for related items and found this little gem, especially for Ladybirds…

Bug Hotel at Woodfarm Barns
Bug Hotel for Ladybirds at Woodfarm Barns

OK, I was now on a roll! I’d also read recently about a Hedgehog rescue in Essex, re-homing and caring for Hedgehogs, so I did some more searching and came up with this…

Image of Bug Hotel at Woodfarm Barns
Hedgehogs are catered for too at the Woodfarm Barns Bug Hotel

Just in case you can’t see the logo for that one…

Hedgehog logo at the Woodfarm Barns Bug Hotel
Hedgehog logo at the Woodfarm Barns Bug Hotel

So hopefully now we have these all set up at Woodfarm HQ, we can contribute in some small way to helping the natural habitat of Suffolk. We don’t have any Hedgehogs yet, that I know of but I’m still looking into it to try and find out where we can re-home some locally. If anyone can help, let me know.

Oh, and whilst we’ve set up this new accommodation, there’s no charge for any of these guests. They all stay completely FREE!