5 Reasons Why You Have to Rent a Barge in Suffolk This Summer

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Kenneth Grahame, celebrated author of The Wind in The Willows, once famously declared that “there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as messing about in boats”. Whilst the Barges available to rent Woodfarm Barges are moored, we’re still confident that our guests are able to discover the truth of this wisdom when enjoying a holiday on board either Onderneming or Twee Gebroeders.  

Dating back to the 1800s, our converted Dutch Sailing Barges are comfortably furnished and equipped with everything guests would expect from modern holiday accommodation. From cozy cabins to comfortable saloons and all the necessary amenities, they are effectively floating cottages which can be used as the perfect base from which to enjoy everything that Suffolk has to offer. 

Each awarded with Quality in Tourism Gold awards, you don’t just have to take our word for them being an excellent choice for your next holiday. But to get down to brass tacks and explain things in a bit more detail, we’ve rounded up a list of the five reasons why you absolutely have to rent a barge in Suffolk this year: 

1. Our barges are dog-friendly

Dog on a barge holiday

Allowing you to take your best friend away with you on your next holiday, our barges are dog-friendly and provide all of the comforts your pooch deserves. As part of a broader move to open up the county to canines, many of the pubs and walking trails nearby our barges have a “dogs welcome” policy that means you can take the whole family away with you when enjoying a holiday in Suffolk. If you’re at all concerned, then we have life jackets of all sizes aboard.

2. Our barges are moored in beautiful locations

Our barge at Snape Maltings in Suffolk

Based in Woodbridge and Snape Maltings respectively, Twee Gebroeders and Onderneming are perfectly positioned for guests to enjoy the various charms of Suffolk. For those on board Twee Gebroeders, for instance, it’s easy to get out and sample the delights of the restaurants in Woodbridge, all within an easy walk. Similarly, for those staying on board Onderneming, getting out for a stroll on Aldeburgh beach only requires a short drive, and you have a fabulous choice of pubs within walking distance. Of course, all of the other fantastic things on offer around Suffolk are accessible no matter which barge guests choose to rent. Of course, the river views on offer from both of our barges make it very easy for those on board to unwind and relax against a picturesque backdrop.

3. Our barges are beautifully converted

Inside our barge at Woodbridge

Whilst they may have started their lives back in the 1800s, our barges have been painstakingly converted to ensure that they provide all the benefits that visitors have come to expect of modern holiday accommodation. Complete with comfortable dining and socialising areas, as well as proper toilets and inviting sleeping cabins, both Onderneming and Twee Gebroeders offer everything that you would expect to find in holiday accommodation based on land.

4. Our barges are full of cozy living areas

Inside our barge at Snape Maltings

We’ve mentioned the cozy living areas you’ll find on board our barges a few times, but it certainly bears repeating that it’s easy to enjoy some quiet downtime whether you’re staying on Twee Gebroeders or Onderneming.

Traditionally styled and complete with all of the comforts you need to relax in style, the saloons have been specially designed to treat guests to an authentic experience of living life out on the water. From fresh breakfasts to long evenings spent gathered together for a game of cards or light entertainment, those on board will have no difficulty in making the most out of the available social spaces.

5. Our barges are perfect for families and couples

Family on a beach at sunset

Highly flexible, our barges for rent in Suffolk have a cabin configuration that makes it easy for them to accommodate both families and couples. Onderneming, for example, has three double cabins which allows it to sleep up to six guests at any one time, plus a double sofa-bed in one saloon, and a single bunk in the kid’s den! Similarly, Twee Gebroeders features a double as well as a twin cabin (more suited to kids) to allow up to four guests at any one time. Altogether, this cabin formation makes it easy to enjoy both romantic and family holidays on the water. 

Set to step on board?

If this article has you inspired to experience a holiday on board one of our barges, get in touch with our team today to start planning a getaway on the water.