Our youngest ever guest!

Dog friendly cottage with a view

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Well, I’ve said before that we get lots of baby’s first holidays here at Woodfarm but I think this little chap or chapess takes the proverbial biscuit!

I took this photo of Katherine, Joe and Bailey the dog when they came to stay in Orwell Barn in 2013

Katherine, Joe & Bailey

What the world didn’t know is that whilst they were staying here they discovered ‘they’ were pregnant and expecting ‘Bump’ as Katherine has called him/ her for now. I say “for now” as I’m assuming when he or she is born they will be renaming the baby ‘Woodfarm’ or ‘Barney’ or something similar! 🙂

Just so he doesn’t miss out you can check Bailey out on our Canine Corner page for Paparazzi friendly pooches here 

Congratulations to both of you and thanks ever so much for sending ‘Bump’s’ scan pic in. I think we will honour Bump with the title of ‘Youngest ever guest’

I look forward to meeting Bump at some point in the future! There will be a bottle of bubbly waiting in the fridge for you 🙂 x