Our Holiday Cottage in Tuscany vs. COVID

Holiday Cottage in Tuscany

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

A few years ago I had a dream. A dream of a beautiful little hilltop Holiday Cottage in Tuscany. One with the most breathtaking views from a gorgeous terrace, glass in hand, listening to the cicadas as the sun goes down. This was all due to start a year or so ago, and I was going to share it with you. Lots of you got very excited about it. So did I.

Then along came a thing called COVID, and changed the course of many things for many people. Not only did it close my business in the UK for 227 days (as I write this), it also put a stop for a while to my dream of a Holiday Cottage in Tuscany. But…. we can almost smell it again now!

The pics aren’t great, which is partly why I’ve not been sharing things, but to be honest, this horrible thing called COVID put everything on hold didn’t it?.

I’ve no idea when I will be going out to finish the house off, but it’s almost done! I haven’t been in a hurry to go, even though I can as it’s business, and I can’t imagine you, dear reader, have been in hurry to get there either.

Hopefully you’ll get a feel for it with these pics anyway. I’ll take some much better ones when I get out there myself. These are the best I could get an Italian builder to take. And I’m sure there was a few hundred Euros in the invoice that week for these! Everything you’ve ever heard is true, let me assure you!

The gate on the left in this pic, leads down some steps to the rest of the garden and the cellars, which in time will be renovated and turned into living spaces too.

I’m breaking cover to bring you up to date as so many guests arrive and ask what’s happening. I get asked every week where we’re at with the house. Well, other than installing a kitchen, and taking an entire house-worth of furniture and furnishings from my storage unit here, it’s done! It’s been completely re-wired, re-plumbed, walls fixed and plastered, roof sorted, fireplace installed, new floors, fully insulated, air-con and heating system installed, and of course that awesome terrace!

This is the feel that I envisage for the kitchen, along with the tiles that are on order;

Mood board idea for the kitchen, with the tiles on order

I’m still buying things all the time that I know will look great over there. I have lots of things over there that I’ve already bought, but I want to create a mix of ‘Woodfarm England’, with traditional rural Tuscan country style. I can picture it all in my head, and I didn’t let you down with Woodfarm UK did I?

Just add a splodge of imagination with the little I’m sharing with you here, and you’ll be half way there. The terrace that I saw in my mind the second I walked over the hill to the house for the first time is now a reality, and will be the crowning glory of this little hideaway Holiday Cottage in Tuscany. Here’s a little video shot by our project manager over there to show me the gate that’s been fitted. It’s a shaky little film clip but it will give you a sense of what it’s about…

I’m double-jabbed now, and if things settle down soon, then maybe I’ll get over around September-ish for a few days. I’m hoping we can get the house ready for you circa spring-time, maybe sooner if things go well. We will keep you posted of course.

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