Woodfarm on film… choose your cottage in Suffolk

Woodfarm on film. choose your cottage in Suffolk

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Woodfarm Barns…. The Movie! Come and have a look round and choose your cottage in Suffolk!

After almost a year in the making we now have a series of videos to give prospective guests a really good look around Woodfarm so they can choose which of our dog friendly cottages they want to stay in. This is the first in a series so you can’t actually choose from this one as it features them all but have a look!

The idea is for guests to be able to choose their own cottage in Suffolk based upon a short movie. If you haven’t stayed here before then they are well worth a look as they really showcase what Woodfarm is all about.

They have all been made by Paula Brown of Positive FX Studio, a previous guest who also happens to be a film producer! We have an overall Woodfarm one and then one for each Woodfarm cottage in Suffolk, highlighting the features of each. They are all within the grounds of Woodfarm House and ideally situated for exploring the whole county.

We will be sharing them all very soon but just as a little teaser here is the main Woodfarm one. Oh, and I don’t appear in all of them, just this one, so don’t panic!

Please watch, share, pass on and shout about them. It’d be great if we could get the whole world to see these so they can all choose their cottage in Suffolk to come and stay at!

If you don’t have time to watch the video (it’s only a couple of minutes long) then this is what I said;

Woodfarm Barns is situated right in the heart of the rural countryside of Suffolk, just off the A1120, Suffolk Tourist Route.

One of the great things people love most about Woodfarm is that it’s about soaking up a piece of Suffolk.

We have seven holiday cottages that really offer people a home from home. Woodfarm House has been here for five hundred years. Next to it we have a three hundred year old Granary Barn.

Beamy thatched buildings like this, they’ve got a story to tell. You know these beams around us have heard thousands and thousands of conversations. And the cottages are crammed with antiques and quirky old bits and pieces of furniture.

And the newer barns, I named them all after Suffolk rivers, so we’ve got

and Stour

Mouth-watering breakfast basket with your cottage in SuffolkSome of the key features at Woodfarm are: We provide all of the bedding, all of the laundry, Tea, Coffee.
We have a fabulous local breakfast basket with eggs and bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes, that really make people feel that they’re enjoying a slice of Suffolk.

There’s log burners in all of the cottages. We have an open fire here in Woodfarm House.

All of the cottages have their own individual private enclosed gardens, that’s very important to our guests, for privacy and for the dog owners as well.

In a number of the barns we have very luxurious, very decadent hot tubs, and at night time you’ve got lovely low lighting, and we’ve got champagne buckets on stands, so guests can kinda go out, have a good walk during the day and then come back and have a nice soak in the hot tub and put their feet up.

All of the cottages have access to our Tourist Information Bike Shed, so there’s bikes, books, DVDs, tourist information. There’s also wifi throughout the whole area.

We’ve got a lot of information for guests on the main Woodfarm Barns website offering them ideas of places to go and things to do. But we also have another website set up specifically for our guests called ‘wheredowe.co.uk’. So where do we eat and drink, where do we cycle, and where do we take the dog – so there’s lots and lots of information there as well.

What guests really love about Suffolk and about what we have here is how relaxing it is, the great mix of the country charm, and we’re surrounded by rabbits, owls, pheasants, muntjac deer. So its about getting away from the hustle and bustle of normal life, and our guests love it!