Woodfarm gains independence following referendum!

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Last Updated on March 9, 2023

It seems quite trendy to have a referendum these days so we had one here at our Holiday Cottages.

And I’m delighted to announce that on March 13th 2017 we held a referendum amongst the permanent residents of Woodfarm (it’s just me) and I can confirm that we (again, just me) voted unanimously to leave the rest of the world!

Woodfarm is now an independent sovereign state!

Nothing will change as far as guests are concerned.

But I am now Prime Minister, President and King so shall be addressed as such otherwise heads will roll!

Here’s a photo of me in my new office, shouting at the minions below me!

I’ve always wanted to live in a castle so it’s a dream come true!

Since Woodfarm became independent, there has been an uprising in the fish pond!

One of the Sturgeon, called Nicola, has demanded their own independence, even though one of the Koi, named Jimmy, got really Crankie about it!

Anyway, they have voted with their fins in the air and Woodfarm Barns now has another landlocked independent state within it called Fishtenstein!

They formed their own political party called the Suffolk National Pond (SNP) Party and Nicola the Sturgeon is their leader.

Please note we do still accept Sterling for breaks as we haven’t focussed on stuff like that yet. I was busy getting my costume sorted out!

Feel free to book a break, it’s not actually this bad here! You can check our availability here.