Woodfarm Barns and Barges and Chocolate

Last Updated on May 22, 2023

The one thing better than a holiday in Suffolk? A holiday in Suffolk that comes with a box of chocolates on arrival, obviously. Why it took us this long to figure this out and make it easy for guests to order themselves a box before joining us is anyone’s guess! 

The chocolate boxes we’re making available to order aren’t just any regular chocolate, mind you. No, the chocolate boxes that we’ve made available for guests to order in advance of their stay are from Harris and James, passionate local chocolatiers who put some serious thought into their craft and products.

Sourcing their beans directly from farms and cooperatives around the world, Harris and Hames have a firm emphasis on quality that ensures that their boxes are every bit as delicious as they are unique. With stores in Aldeburgh and Southwold – two destinations that we thoroughly recommend all of our guests visit during their stay, incidentally – it’s also possible to pick up a variety of hand selected chocolate boxes to bring back as gifts from their stay in Suffolk.
Specialising in old favourites as well as chocolates infused with gin, the variety of treats on offer make sure that everyone is able to find something to their tastes. It’s not just luxury boxes that are up for grabs, either. From shortbread to chocolate bars and cake, it’s a total cakewalk to find something for you or your loved ones. As if all of this wasn’t enough, Harris and Hames also brew up exceptionally tasty cups of freshly roasted coffee in their stores. In short, it’s well worth visiting if you find yourself in the area!

To book your stay at one of our barns and barges for rent in Suffolk – complete with a delicious box of salted caramels on arrival – simply take a look at our availability, browse the Harris and Hames website, and give us a call to let us know which box of chocolates you’d like to be waiting for you.