Wood Green – The Animal Charity

Wood Green working with dog friendly Woodfarm Barns

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

We are proud to be affiliated with Wood Green, The Animal Charity

Woodfarm working with Wood Green Animal Charity

So what’s in it for the animals at Wood Green? Well, we donate 5% of the total cost of your holiday or short-break directly to the charity! Please ensure you quote the Voucher Code ‘WOODGREEN’ when booking online with us or call or email us directly and tell us you are looking to book with us as a result of finding us on the Wood Green site. You DO NOT pay any extra. There are no hidden or additional fee’s. The donation is made by us from the booking cost

We aren’t a faceless corporation and our link with Wood Green isn’t either. This all came about when someone from Wood Green stayed here. She was so impressed with the quality of our dog-friendly holiday accommodation that she suggested we link up. Not only that but we are really pleased that she and her husband choose to keep coming back for more!

Our cottages working with Wood Green Animal Charity

You only have to read our Dog-Owner Guest Testimonials elsewhere on our site to see the volumes of people that holiday here with their beloved pets and praise us for what we’ve created. Have a look at some of them here

We talk about Dogs but we will accept and have accepted, other animals too. Within reason!

We take up to two dogs ordinarily but will discuss a third with you. We charge £15 per pet per stay, to allow for additional cleaning etc as there invariably is some involved. We find that the majority of our pet-owning guests are very responsible but we must still ensure that we go the extra mile for the comfort of all our guests, canine or otherwise

Our dog-friendly cottages and Wood Green Animal Charity

The humans get a lovely local breakfast basket when they stay and as you can see we don’t leave the dogs out either

Our dog-friendly cottages and Wood Green Animal Charity

We really look forward to meeting you and your pets and to donating to this very worthy cause