Why we ask for your email address and how we protect your privacy

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

We have always believed in being very open and honest, and have written extensively about how we do our marketing. We do it in a very legitimate way, in a world unfortunately inhabited by scammers, scoundrels, ne-er do wells, and vagabonds. Have a read of this and if you’re still not comfy, then just don’t give us your details. That’s ok.

We are writing this to explain in a very transparent way, how we market ourselves to people just like you. We have eight Holiday Cottages in the Heart of the Suffolk Countryside, and two Dutch Barges in iconic locations on Suffolk rivers. All we are trying to do is expand our customer base and give new guests the opportunity to discover us, find out for themselves what we do, and what we stand for. We know that exposure to our emails works.

The purpose of this page is not to yap on about how amazing we are, we have lots of other pages that do that, on both woodfarmbarns.com and also woodfarmbarges.com.

This page is to attempt to assure people who are worried (quite rightly) about giving away personal info in this day and age of unscrupulous people. We do give away free breaks from time to time, as well as other things in our completely free to enter competitions. and whenever anybody makes an enquiry into Woodfarm, we like to collect their name and email address. But why?

It’s called marketing. We do it to build our database. We prefer to call it our VIP Rewards Group though, as that’s exactly what it is! We reward people for being on it, by letting them know first about cancellations, exclusive offers and stuff, as well as letting them know about all the cool things we find out about Suffolk that anyone can enjoy.

We NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER share your details with anyone. EVER. We have worked really hard to build our database, so why would we share your info? We’ll email you every few weeks or so to let you know about things we discover to do in Suffolk, as well as our new place in Tuscany. That’s it! And maybe, just maybe, when you are thinking about your next holiday or short break, you will book to come and stay with us as you think we are nice and we have something nice to offer. This isn’t rocket science.

We are in a position to give away some free breaks now too.
In the early days we couldn’t give away a jar of jam, we were that broke! Over the last decade or so we have built a really good reputation for excelling at what we do and we have soooo many guests returning and recommending us to people, which gives us more guests! And now the business can withstand the financial implications of giving the odd break away in exchange for building our database. It’s a little like Pepsi advertising on the side of a bus just knowing that people see their ad. They can’t draw a direct line between that ad and each can of Pepsi sold because of it. But they can afford the ad. We know that emailing our database with interesting things gets us bookings.

GDPR – Let’s cover off this tedious bit shall we?

Let’s face it, the unscrupulous marketeers (crims) that used to spam and scam people before the big GDPR thing happened, will still do it. A change in the law changes nothing! We always tell you when you that you are going onto our database. You go on there of your own free will and you can unsubscribe any time you wish. We don’t want to email anyone who doesn’t want to hear from us. You won’t hear about all the cool stuff any more, or be in with a chance of winning a free break, but that’s your prerogative. And we’re fine with that.

So that’s it! As we said, it isn’t rocket science. But it works. We are crazily busy a lot of the time. Because of what we offer, our reputation, and the way that we market what we do. It works for us and we hope it works for you, and that we will see you sometime.

If, after all that, you’re still not sure, then please don’t share your details with us. We’ve kinda done all we can to reassure you. It’s a crazy world and we are just trying to run a proper business amongst the madness. You can still come and stay with us without ever giving us an email address.