We did a survey thingy, with some amazing results…

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

We wrote to our entire database (circa 25,000 people) in February 2023 to ask a whole bunch of questions. We had a phenomenal response, and as we operate in a very transparent way, we are sharing some of our findings with you…

Thank you if you are one of those who took part, which was the best part of a thousand humans! We sent the survey to everyone who has ever stayed with us, as well as all those subscribed to our newsletters, ie our VIP Rewards Group.

We have five main ’takeaways’ from the results, which we find really fascinating. I hope you do too. It also inspired us to create an exclusive SPECIAL OFFER purely for our VIP Rewards Group.

1 – We clearly have a solid level of engagement as 58% of those responding have never stayed with us.

engagement image

In marketing terms that’s a great number as we are clearly being ‘followed’, i.e. we are an aspirational brand, which means a LOT!

People don’t bother following things they have no interest in. This is really encouraging data for us.

2 – We asked if, having stayed, you would recommend us to family and friends?

thumbs up

A staggering 98% said they would. Ok, it’s not 100%, but I don’t think I know any business that would get that figure. This is fab data for us, and we’re truly humbled by it. We work really hard to make sure everyone who stays wants to come back, and refer us. We can’t please all the people all the time, but it doesn’t stop us trying!

3 – A huge number of you follow us on Facebook.

social media image

This kinda ties in with the point on level of engagement, but for us in the WMD (Woodfarm Marketing Department of me and Andrew), a strong social media presence is key nowadays.

We are also active on Instagram and to a lesser extent Twitter. If you don’t currently follow us and want to, then here are your buttons to make sure you don’t miss out!

4 – A really interesting one was that 12% of you said that it’d be an incentive to book if we offered the ability to pay in instalments. We do!

interest free payments

We launched this last year and did write to everyone. We mention it on the websites etc, but it’s reminded us that not everyone has the time to read everything.

So please be aware that we have a flexible, interest free way for you to pay for your break! It’s an option on the booking form.

short breaks

5 – Quite a few people wanted some flexibility on shorter midweek breaks too. Again, we listened, and here’s something exclusively for them.

Once Easter is upon us we tend to be pretty chocka block all week, so we’ve offered them a 2 or 3 night stay during any midweek until the end of March.

Featured Image by Jon Tyson