Trolley Coins from Woodfarm Barns & Barges

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Last Updated on August 26, 2022

Trolley coins are the latest little giveaway when you stay with us, just to make your life a little more convenient and to remind you of your favourite place to stay!

If you’re anything like me and have to scrabble around for £1 when you need a trolley, these little gems will come in handy! In our cashless society, I’ve often had to pop into a shop to get change just to shop there. With our new trolley coins I’ve now always got one with me, and every guest at Woodfarm Barns or Barges now has one too!

Trolley Coins from Woodfarm
Trolley Coins from Woodfarm Barges & Barns (Carl’s artist’s impression).

If you don’t need trolley coins in your life, maybe you would like a new key ring? Et voila! Sorted as they say in France!

Trolley Coins from Woodfarm
Trolley Coins from Woodfarm. (Carl’s artist’s impression).

Would you like Woodfarm Barns or Woodfarm Barges? Well guess what, you have both as they are double-sided! We’ve sourced these trolley coins locally with the guys who supply our fridge magnets, and we are over the moon with the quality. They are robust, stainless coins, with our two logos embossed in them, and they work a treat.

We came up with the idea to do this after reading in the news about a man from Ipswich who came up with a hack if you don’t have a £1 coin on you. All you need to do is put two 20p coins together! Well, with our trolley coins you don’t even have to rely on having those either.

As with all our little giveaways, they will be waiting aboard your Barge, or in your Barn when you come to stay with us.

We just like coming up with new ideas to make your life a little easier, whilst reminding you that Woodfarm is for life, not just for Christmas.