5 Historic Sites To See During your trip to Suffolk

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

As a county established back in the fifth century it’s no wonder that Suffolk has a fair few relics hiding out amongst its towns and countryside.

Besides historic houses and early century churches, Suffolk also boasts various ruins and well preserved castles that make for a fantastic day out.  

Rounding up five of the most exciting historic sites to visit in Suffolk, we’re confident that you’ll schedule a little time travelling into your next holiday.

Each easily accessible from our barns and barges for rent, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy these unique destinations when staying with us.     

  1. Bury St Edmunds Abbey Gardens 

At one time, the Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds was one of the richest Benadictine monasteries in England. The centre of a pilgrimage and the burial place of the town’s Saint Edmund, it would be hard to overstate the importance of this historic site. 
Beautifully preserved, there are various ruins that have survived to tell the many tales of the Abbey and the gardens are located close to the town’s magnificent 12th century cathedral, an architectural wonder which has an impressive history of its own.

Only a half hours drive from our barns for rent, the Abbey Gardens is also perfect for dog walkers. With refreshments available and the town just a short walk away, a visit to the Abbey is a real no-brainer!

2: West Stow Anglo Saxon Village

An archeological site and open-air museum located an hours drive from our barges, the West Stow Anglo Saxon Village is a reconstructed village that allows visitors to step into a time machine that goes all the way back to the Iron Age.

Complete with displays, artefacts, and interactive exhibits, the museum is truly immersive and truly brings to life the settlement that existed in these parts over 1500 years ago.

Besides the museum, the West Stow Anglo Saxon Village also houses a collection of rare pigs that visitors are welcome to feed. Whilst this might be a bit of an unusual attraction, it’s certainly unlike any that you’ll find elsewhere!

3: Framlingham Castle

The castle which inspired Ed Sheeran’s hit single Castle on the Hill, Framlingham Castle was originally built in 1148 before being swiftly destroyed by Henry II in the revolt of 1173. Eventually rebuilt and taken by King John in 1216, the castle went on to become fit for a king once again by the end of the 13th century.

Over the following years, the castle belonged to various powerful families who added artificial meres and generally kept it in fantastic condition before it fell into the hands of Theophilus, the second earl of Cambridge, whose financial difficulties plunged it into disrepair. Sold to the University of Cambridge in 1636, the castle has since served as a drill hall, county court and part of the British regional defense in World War II.   

Now in safe hands, the castle is a listed building and is protected and preserved by English Heritage. A mere twenty minute drive from our barns for rent, Framlingham Castle warmly welcomes any dog which is kept on a lead to enjoy all of the grounds and castle with the exception of the cafe.

4: Moot Hall

A swift ten minute drive from ‘Onderneming’, one of our Barges, Moot Hall in Aldeburgh is generally accepted as one of the best preserved public Tudor buildings in England. Established around 1550, this curious timber framed brick building has since been transformed into a museum.

Exhibiting a number of artefacts and displays, visitors can learn all about how Aldeburgh was once a thriving town full of traders and ship builders. There’s also areas dedicated to Roman history as well as an impressive selection of prehistoric fossils.

Once you’re done, we’d also highly recommend you get yourself some fresh fish and chips and enjoy the view along the Aldeburgh coast.

Altogether, Moot Hall is another jewel in the historic crown of Suffolk and is well worth checking out during any holiday in Suffolk.

5: Orford Castle

Only ten minutes drive from ‘Onderneming’, one of our Barges, Orford Castle is considered to be one of the most complete keeps in Suffolk. Welcoming visitors to walks its halls and basement, there are plenty of Roman and Medieval artefacts that help to tell the story of this 12th century wonder.

Built between 1165 and 1173 by King Henry II, this well preserved castle is equal parts unusual and interesting. It’s so unusual, in fact, that historians can’t quite agree on why it possesses such a strange layout.

Like all of the other historic destinations featured in this article, Orford Castle is well deserving of an entire day to explore.

Packed the DeLorean?

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