Top 5 Views in Suffolk

Views in Suffolk

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

Suffolk, being a fairly low-lying county, with the Fens just touching the edge in the North, and the highest point being the highest point of the Newmarket Ridge (which runs from just north of Hertford to Sudbury) at 136 metres. With this in mind, it’s no surprise to discover that Suffolk is packed full of picturesque views to enjoy when renting a Barn or Barge here.

Framlingham Castle – Framlingham

Framlingham castle

Dubbed the ‘Castle on the Hill’ by Ed Sheeran, Framlingham Castle is a castle that was originally erected in 1148, destroyed in 1173-4, but then later rebuilt afterwards. The view from Framlingham Castle fetched first place in a recent BBC Radio Suffolk snap poll as the best view in the county. As it is the ‘Castle on the Hill’, and with quite a flat area around it, you can expect great views when making the trip to this spot. From the castle, you can see the tranquil ‘mere’ located below the castle as well as the idyllic Suffolk village of Framlingham. In addition to this, you can get to see the rolling fields of Suffolk from the castle, which are just as picture-perfect.

Orford & Orford Ness

Orford is a quaint, quintessential Suffolk village nestled on the end of the River Alde. In the village you’ll find the postcard-perfect Orford Castle which dominates the skyline of the village. Book your visit with English Heritage and you can make your way to the top of the castle and experience the stunning view over the village, peering over to neighbouring Suffolk villages whilst admiring the swathes of fields which are populated with colourful crops and green grass fields for miles. Furthermore, you can admire the views of the Orford Ness Nature Reserve, which is just a short trip across the River Alde. The Orford Ness Nature Reserve is a remote, tiny island, but the largest remote shingle spit in Europe, complete with trails wandering through. With so much to do in the village of Orford, and the beautiful views along the way, make sure you save a few hours of the day to take in everything about this idyllic village that you can.

Orwell Bridge – Ipswich

Now you may be thinking – on top of the Orwell Bridge? But no. We’re talking about the views from the ground. There are multiple viewpoints for the Orwell Bridge – but it’s not just the Orwell Bridge which we’re talking about. As you sit down on the edge of the river banks of the Orwell, either from the Felixstowe side, in which they have a magnificent country park, or from the more quiet south side, where you can admire the tranquillity of the river as it flows out to sea. If you look up the river, you can admire the view of south Ipswich. If you look down the river, you can see the snaking river continuing and the vast amount of trees outlining its path to the sea. For a picturesque, tranquil view, and especially if you’re heading down on the A14 and fancy a stop off, the Orwell Bridge viewpoints will give you that postcard-perfect-photo over the river and beyond.

Southwold Lighthouse – Southwold

Southwold – a small, stunning Suffolk seaside town, located on the east coast outlooking the North Sea, is the perfect place for a sunny day to visit the beach. It is particularly perfect because of the relaxation you can get from laying on the beach, whilst listening to the waves crashing onto each other, or, you can meander through the streets of Southwold. Whilst wandering through the streets, you may notice the lighthouse towering over the houses of Southwold, which, if you choose the right day (make sure you check in advance), you can go up and admire a spectacular view, looking over the town of Southwold, watching the waves go in and back out and admire the rolling, green fields of Suffolk Coasts & Heath Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – perfect for a postcard from Southwold!


The exact location of this one of the best Suffolk views is a bit vague, but it is between the B1063 and Moulton Road. Parking is accessible by taking the B1063 off of the Clock Tower Roundabout and then take the first left for Moulton Road and continuing to near the top of the hill where there looks there is a lay-by. Then, you can take a walk around the top by the trees and admire a stunning view overlooking Newmarket town and the view of the neighbouring villages. If you’re lucky and you manage to get a clear view on the day you go there, you will be able to see the skyline of Cambridge, with the towering buildings of the City forming a visible silhouette in the distance. Furthermore, if you’re lucky (and you have to be in the perfect spot for this), you will be able to look over the fields of Cambridgeshire and see the outline of Ely Cathedral in the distance. With so many places to see from this vantage point overlooking Newmarket, it is the perfect photo opportunity for everyone to admire. 

To experience all of these views, as well as all of the other delights that the county has to offer, then why not book a Barn or Barge for rent in Suffolk to enjoy a fantastic holiday packed with postcard-perfect moments?