Thorpeness – a quintessential English day out

Thorpeness; dog-friendly Suffolk beaches

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

One of my favourite places on our beautiful Heritage Coast is Thorpeness, just half an hour or so from Woodfarm Barns

It just conjours up images of a great day out at the seaside without kiss me quick hats every ten yards. If you like unspoilt (stoney) beaches, quaint tea rooms, antiques and great pub food then look no further. Oh and with the added bonus of a massive boating lake

The skyline of Thorpeness is dominated by the ‘House in the clouds’ – A holiday cottage 70ft in the air. Yes it’s a holiday cottage and yes it’s possibly ‘competition but to be fair, it is unique and about three times the price of Woodfarm House so it’s not really. An impressive sight

Please excuse the cloudy day!

Thorpeness near Woodfarm Barns Suffolk

Here’s a selection of pics taken on and around the boating lake, which is the hub of Thorpeness. It features a great little tea room/ cafe serving freshly prepared lunches, the boating lake, oh and a few swans! It’s around £12 to hire a little rowing boat for half an hour and there are some great little nooks and crannies top spot around the lake, including an island with a crocodile on it (I don’t think it’s real)

Thorpeness near Woodfarm Barns Suffolk