Southwold Pier is a must when you’re here

Southwold Pier

Last Updated on August 13, 2022

Southwold Pier is less than a hour’s drive from our holiday cottages. In our opinion it’s well worth the journey!

Southwold pier was originally built in 1900 as a landing stage for the steamships that brought tourists from London. It’s been bringing tourists to Suffolk and Southwold ever since. Though few if any come by steamship anymore. Which in our opinion is a shame!

Sadly, many English seaside piers languish in a sorry state of ill-repair and decline. However this is certainly not the case with Southwold Pier. Over the last couple of decades it has been enjoying renewed interest and popularity since its rejuvenation.

Southwold Pier even won The National Piers Society’s ‘Pier Of The Year’ award in 2002 shortly after its restoration.

The pier is home to some highly rated tea rooms, cafes and restaurants in which you can while away the hours listening to the sea crash on the shore whilst enjoying a fine cup of English tea. Alternatively locally produced Aspall’s Suffolk Cider is also available.

One may well think that fine food and drink combined with a beautifully restored structure is enough reason to visit Southwold Pier, and they’d be right. However there is even more on offer on this pier!

Among the things to do when visiting Southwold Pier is marvelling at the collection of novelty coin-operated machines designed and constructed by the inventor Tim Hunkin. Alongside these magnificent inventions are more conventional modern amusement arcade machines. Fun for all the family.

There are also several shops including shops selling traditional seaside souvenirs to remember your visit to Southwold Pier.

Want to know more about this wonderful pier? You can visit Southwold Pier’s own website, and you can even watch a live stream of The Pier Cam to whet your appetite for a visit.

If you’re a pier enthusiast looking for a beautiful holiday cottage to stay in as a base for a visit to Southwold Pier, you can check out our availability here.