The Best Escape Rooms in Suffolk

A neon sign spelling out "Escape Rooms"

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

With multiple Escape Rooms to experience in Suffolk, and with a range of themes to choose from, we have gathered a list of the top five to enjoy when staying at one of our Barns and Barges to rent in Suffolk.

  1. Escape Rooms Suffolk – Nr Mildenhall 

Escape Rooms Suffolk, located just outside of Mildenhall is a great Escape Room Venue which owns the coveted title of being rated first on TripAdvisor. If you are after a day out in Suffolk at an escape room, you won’t go wrong by checking this place out and trying your hand at one or more of its three rooms.

Among its themed rooms you’ll find:

‘The Dollhouse’
This escape room is based around a killer obsessed with dolls and mannequins. Your mission is simple – to escape quickly before becoming one of his ‘subjects’.

‘The Vault’
This room tasks participants to steal five prized artefacts from a high-ranking mafia boss.

‘The Church’
This room invites visitors to explore an abandoned graveyard – but is everything as it seems?

Altogether, Escape Rooms Suffolk is a great venue to visit if you’re looking for a great day out in Northern Suffolk!

  1. EO Escape Rooms – Sudbury

EO Escape Rooms, found just within Sudbury, boasts a variety of rooms with a total of five different experiences to enjoy. Featuring a suite of unique puzzles to solve, as well as interesting storylines, visitors should prepare themselves to escape from:

A room with a mission, Captive challenges visitors to escape a dark and dingy cell that has no obvious way out – can you tease out its subtle solution?

A sacred and special parrot named Scarlet has been liberated by poachers – can you help bring her home to her original tribe?

Operation X
In Operation X, participants are recruited to return a diamond that the infamous Mr Dillinger lost whilst playing a game of Poker. Within the game, if you retrieve the prized diamond, a huge reward will be coming your way – but only if you don’t get caught!

Castaway places puzzlers in the position of adventurers who have had their boat hit whilst sailing close to a rocky shoreline – your task is to raise an SOS before it is too late.

‘Scary Tale.’
When you go down to the forest, there are only going to be two outcomes – you will or won’t make it out of the woods that night. 

With a large variety of different games to play, you are spoilt for choice at EO Escape Rooms.

  1. Ipswich Escape Rooms – Ipswich

Located on the outskirts of Ipswich, you will find Ipswich Escape Rooms. Ipswich Escape Rooms offers two different rooms for you to work your way out of. Firstly, you have ‘The Holy Grail’. This puzzle is based around a character who tells his maid how one of his most treasured artworks conceals an important secret. After the maid fails to decode the secret and attendant mystery, the painting is donated to the Church. After an invitation from the Church, it will be your task to discover the truth of this sensational mystery. 

The second room at Ipswich Escape Rooms is ‘The Secret Clubhouse’. This time, participants are asked to track down the elusive diary of an inventor who claimed to have invented a flying bicycle before dying in unusual circumstances. You and your team have to find the diary before a ‘masked man’, who claims he is the rightful owner to the diary, finds it. With brilliant backstories, full of detail, Ipswich Escape Rooms is certainly worth adding to the itinerary when planning a day out in Suffolk.

  1. The Evidence Room – Bury St Edmunds

The centre of Bury St Edmunds hosts a fantastic combination of escape rooms with a distinctly historic atmosphere. Specifically, there is the Aztec room which takes participants back to 1435 where they have been captured by a rival tribe who are preparing to sacrifice them to the Gods. If escaping from this scenario wasn’t appetising enough, the Gedding Room, which is set in 1967, positions you and your team as ace detectives who have to find evidence to convict a criminal mastermind – an East End Gangster. 

  1. Suffolk Escape Room – Nr. Saxmundham

Located in an original wartime Nissen Hut just outside of the town of Saxmundham, Suffolk Escape Room offers two different and highly detailed rooms. One of them – ‘Superbugs’ – sees the future of life on Earth put at a huge risk after an antibiotic resistant ‘Superbug’ is spreading across the planet. However, a wise professor believes he has found a powerful antibiotic that could kill the bug but at a tremendous cost. Your task is to break into the research facility of the professor, collect as many of the rare insects that he has been breeding to make the antibiotic and get out. The other room is quite fitting with the Nissen Hut building and transports participants to 1940 where The Blitz is in full swing and has trapped a group in a bomb shelter – can you get out without the assistance of a trust warden? 

Overall, Suffolk has some brilliant escape rooms for you to visit and you’ll have no difficulty in testing your puzzling prowess when staying here. Hope to see you on the other side!