Suffolk, What Did You Do in the War?

As one of the most easterly counties, it is small wonder that Suffolk played a vital role in WWII. With many articles documenting the contributions made by individuals towards the war effort, we thought it was high time to provide an overview of exactly what Suffolk did in the war.

As previously alluded to, the coastal position of Suffolk made it a prime target as well as a crucial point of defence during the second world war. Recognising this strategic advantage, as well as its potential vulnerabilities, the English army positioned batteries and fortifications along the coast to defend against any approaching ships or aircraft. Traces of this infrastructure are still visible around towns like Felixstowe and Southwold, making them worthwhile places to visit for any history buff spending time in Suffolk. Proving successful, these deterrent ultimately helped ward off any invasion of the coast.

In addition to providing a powerful defence, the coast of Suffolk was also crucial in bringing essential goods and materials to the war effort. More specifically, its ports and harbours at Ipswich and Harwich were responsible for loading and unloading cargo ships and vessels carrying important resources. These harbours were also key in launching anti-submarine patrols that escorted any convoys heading out to sea with essential cargo.

Supporting the boys along the coast, the RAF airfields in Mildenhall and Lakenheath hosted the planes and squadrons necessary to launch raids and attacks. Credited with going a long way towards securing a victory for the allied forces, the servicemen and servicewomen of the RAF are today well-remembered in monuments around the county. 

Though the skills and perseverance of servicemen and servicewomen were essential in the war effort, it takes an entire county of people to win a war. Namely, it required the everyday citizens of Suffolk to come together and abide by rationing rules and follow blackout regulations to the letter. Becoming very much their version of “normal”, air raid precautions were also vitally important when facing the enemy. Whether working factories or farms to produce essential goods, or volunteering in hospitals, the everyday heroes of Suffolk were just as impressive as their military counterparts.

Preserving the actions and memory of those Suffolkians who helped win the war, Suffolk features a variety of memorials and museums which bring to life this remarkable chapter of British history. Similarly, the annual remembrance ceremonies and events which are hosted throughout the year serve as important reminders of the sacrifices made by everyday people. 

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