Suffolk Coastal interest: Sutton Hoo

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Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Every year people flock in great numbers to the Suffolk Coast. That’s because a Suffolk Coastal Holiday has so much to offer.

Alongside over fifty miles of stunning heritage coastline, the Suffolk Coastal region is host to some points of real interest. The combination of seaside, history, nature and architecture bring people in their droves.

One such place of interest is the truly awe-inspiring Anglo-Saxon burial site at Sutton Hoo.

The National Trust have done a fantastic job making the most out of this historically important site. The museum and exhibition they have built deserves its award-winning status. It’s a real jewel in the Suffolk Coastal crown.

The 255 acre estate at Sutton Hoo is beautiful enough to warrant a visit on its own merits, offering stunning and far-reaching views over the river Deben. However there is so much more to enthral under the surface!

One of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time took place here in the early part of the last century. Therefore in our opinion, no Suffolk Coastal holiday would be complete without a visit. You owe it to yourself.

For it was here that a wealth of Anglo-Saxon artefacts were unearthed, including an undisturbed ship burial.

These discoveries were of such great importance because they shed light on a period of early medieval history that had previously been shrouded in such mystery that our knowledge of it contained as much myth as history.

On site you’ll discover a full-size reconstruction of the burial chamber. Also there are stunning replica treasures and original finds from the mounds, including a prince’s sword. There’s much here to interest and entertain all the family.

You can discover much more about Sutton Hoo by visiting the official website.

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