Romantic breaks: Great romantic locations in Suffolk

Romantic breaks in Suffolk

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Suffolk is a wonderful part of the world for romantic breaks.

Stunning countryside, beautiful beaches, lovely villages and historic towns. All of these make Suffolk a top destination for romantic breaks. Not to mention our comfy luxury holiday cottages!

We’ve had so many couples taking their first romantic breaks together here at Woodfarm Barns. As well as proposals, honeymoons and anniversaries. So we truly believe our holiday cottages are an ideal location for romance to blossom!

When you come for your romantic getaway here at Woodfarm Barns you’ll want to know of the best spots in the area for a day or and evening with your loved one.

Here are a few of the best:

Ipswich Waterfront.There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a loved one outside one of the many delightful bars and cafes on Ipswich’s newly developed waterfront.

Sitting sipping a cool drink on a hot summer’s evening, watching the sunset reflect on the calm waters, one can almost believe you’re in the south of France. Fabulous.

Southwold beach.

Whilst there are any number of great beaches along Suffolk’s coast, probably the best of them is to be found in Southwold.
The historic town has much to offer. But for a romantic visit, their beaches take some beating.

The long stretches of sand make for the ideal walk on one of your romantic breaks.

Leave some footprints in the sand with your partner when you come to visit Suffolk.

Framlingham Castle.

As sung about recently by Ed Sheeran in his hit song ‘Castle On A Hill’ Framlingham Castle makes for a fantastic place to visit on a day out during one of your romantic breaks here in Suffolk.

Now some may say that the very fact Ed sung about it would be reason enough to make the castle romantic. But the stunning views and beautiful medieval architecture help too!

As well as the places listed above there are also many romantic country walks in the surrounding area. Or why not visit one of our many nature reserves?

You’ll see there’s no shortage of things to do on one of your romantic breaks here in Suffolk.

So are you looking to take that special someone on a Romantic Break in Suffolk? Our luxury holiday cottages are just the ticket! You can check our availability here.