Pub Quiz @ The Woodfarm Arms

Pub Quiz @ The Woodfarm Arms

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

At the start of lockdown in the UK in March 2020, I somehow stumbled into doing an online Pub Quiz at our virtual pub that I sort of made up, the Woodfarm Arms. And it kinda snowballed into an ongoing thing.

It was a very strange few months for all of us, and as I write this in the middle of July I am sure it is by no means over yet. For over 100 days I had no business to run, as it had disappeared overnight. So my little brain went off at a tangent and ended up deciding to do a Pub Quiz on ‘Facebook Live’ once a week just for fun. It was, and is, aimed at anyone finding them self at a loose end for an hour or so and just wanting to have a laugh. From the beginning it has been shambolic at best, and in no way is it meant to be taken seriously. Fun is the name of the game, and the only win is having a good time.

Pic of Carolyn & Neil with their Pub Quiz T-Shirts
Carolyn & Neill with their Pub Quiz T-Shirts

Having now come out of lockdown at the start of July, and hoping that we never go back into it, I decided to keep the pub quiz going on a monthly basis, so do join us on Facebook Live at 6:30 PM on the first Sunday of every month when you can. I had to switch it to a monthly one, as I got busy again! CLICK HERE to go to our Facebook Page.

Our Pub Quiz consists usually of four rounds, incorporating a load of general knowledge, song lyrics, some sort of picture round, and a round with a theme, sent in by one of our regular guests Neill Brinklow (pictured). That theme varies depending on the direction that Neill’s brain goes in.

If you’re not familiar with our Pub Quiz then one thing to mention is the collective term for our participants. At the start of lockdown, I began posting on Facebook in the form of a daily diary that rambled and ranted in all manner of directions, ending up at 193,000 words after 101 days. Lots of people followed my meandering mind and commented on my thoughts. In the main we all seemed to be of a similar mindset, with the same opinion on most of the subjects, which I spouted on about. Near the beginning we discussed the notion of a collective name for those taking part, and the name Woodentops was chosen, stuck with us, and now lives on. So it’s the Woodentop’s Pub Quiz as opposed to the Woodfarm Quiz really.

Pic of Janet with her Pub Quiz T-Shirt
Janet with her Pub Quiz T-Shirt

Whislt at the time of writing we find ourselves back in business again, hopefully on a permanent basis, we are endeavouring as a collective to keep the Woodentop train choo-chooing along. I am still posting random thoughts on Facebook, and whilst I’m attempting to make some of it relevant to the marketing of my Barn and Barge business, it has definitely taken a slightly different direction than in the days B.C (before COVID).

The Pub Quiz does include prizes, but it is never for actually winning. We are all winners for taking part as the cliché goes. I started giving away our mugs and travel cups to the first person who could answer a spot question, or make me laugh the most on a particular topic, or simply because I wanted to. I then had the idea of giving away T-shirts as you can see from the photos of various Woodentops with their much prized and proudly displayed prizes. Is it the Pub Quiz to end all Pub Quizzes? Probably not, but a whole bunch of us have had a whole lot of fun and will continue to do so.

Pic of the Quizmaster hard at work at the Pub Quiz
Your Quizmaster hard at work at the Pub Quiz

I do hope that if you haven’t joined us yet, that you will come and take a look sometime soon. You don’t even need to say anything if you don’t want to, you can just sit in the background and watch as the shenanigans unfold. However, if you’d like to just type a comment to say “hello”, then feel free, we are quite a welcoming bunch. I hope to see you on Facebook Live on the first Sunday of every month from now until the end of time.

Stay safe x