Our Tuscan Holiday Cottage is coming together

Last Updated on July 30, 2022

I wrote on here just a few weeks ago with some progress, and to talk about the strange situation we find ourselves in, with that there pesky pandemic, but I just wanted to share some more photos now that things are taking shape.

I am just waiting on news now about when the railing will be finished and fitted to the Terrace, but I wanted to show you photos now that the exterior of the house has been finished. The whole place has been rendered with a thermal plaster and is now starting to look something like I’d envisaged when I bought it.

Our Tuscan Holiday Cottage is getting there!

As you can see, the house is on three levels, but for now the living accommodation is all on the top floor, which is plenty big enough. Entering the house from the terrace, you walk into the kitchen, which has a South facing window overlooking the terrace and hills, to an old church in the distance then through to the dining room with an open fireplace and the same views to the south. All of the internal floors have been ripped up, levelled, and replaced with a traditional Tuscan terracotta tile.

Our Tuscan Holiday Cottage built on the hillside

A corridor leads from the dining room right through to the lounge, with your bedroom on the left, again with those South facing views over the garden and the hills beyond. The lounge has two East facing windows, which look across the valley towards Lucca. Also leading off the corridor is your bathroom.

Garden steps leading up to your Tuscan Holiday Cottage

The bathroom has a wonderful ball and claw footed rolltop bath, where you can sit and have a soak overlooking the valley. It is also a wet room with a great two part shower.

Wet room in our Tuscan Holiday Cottage

Once the terrace is fully operational it will feature a barbecue and pizza oven, so you can let your creative culinary juices flow.

Anyway, just little update for you now the external walls have been finished with. More news soon.