Our ‘Coronavirus Cleaning Regime’

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

The first half of 2020 has seen many changes in our lives and in our businesses; many bad, some good. One of the things that we know you are going to be interested in as a new era dawns, is our Coronavirus Cleaning Regime during our changeovers between guest departures and arrivals.

We have often written and talked about our stringent maintenance, but now more than ever, you will want to rest assured that wherever you stay, it has a very strict coronavirus cleaning regimen in place. Well, we do. I think anyone prepared to talk about it in the first place has to at least be halfway to assuring guests that they have thought it through. Take a look at the last Blog post we wrote earlier in 2020 about our standard regime. As we prepare to come out of hibernation in July (I’m writing this the day that the PM has announced that we can!) I have taken delivery this week of a whole load of anti-virus products from our commercial cleaning suppliers to ensure that we have our guests and our staff protected.

Our new kids on the block: a range of ‘Virucidal products’ for our Coronavirus cleaning regime

We have always been fastidious about anti-bacterial sprays, but as we all know, that won’t beat coronavirus. It needs to be anti-virus, so that’s what we’ve bought in. I am not professing to be an expert at all, but we have the data sheets for all the new products we hold, should that be of interest to you. Please drop me an email and I’ll happily share them with you.

We are now allowed to stay away overnight again, along with pubs, restaurants and coffee shops getting the green light too, so we are all systems go once again! Whilst we are going to be extremely busy once more, I must reiterate, we are fortunate that we are surrounded by open countryside, and social distancing from others is easy at Woodfarm, whether you are at the Barns, or aboard one of our Barges.

With our very strict cleaning regime and new ‘Virucidal’ products for all of our housekeeping procedures, with surfaces sprayed down in between guests, our aim is for you to relax and have a safe break. Just to put your mind at rest further, we not only change the bedding and towels, but we also change the mattress and pillow protectors each time too. And for the time being, we have also removed all of the cushions and throws that we like to ‘accessorise’ with under normal circumstances. This is purely to minimise risks. Sorry it won’t be quite as pretty, but your safety is our primary concern.

Staycation, Stay Safely with our Coronavirus cleaning regime

We hope to be seeing you safely and sensibly soon for an amazing stay with us, and that it’ll be a welcome relief from lockdown!

Staycation, Stay Safely.