New Hollywood sign honouring Woodfarm Barns!!!

New Hollywood sign honouring Woodfarm Barns

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

I’m delighted to announce that the iconic Hollywood sign has been re-modelled for a day in honour of our services to tourism! And it’s all thanks to Ed Sheeran!

Even though we are miles from Hollywood, it turns out that the King of Hollywood, local Suffolk boy Ed Sheeran (well, he is taking over the world) had heard about Woodfarm Barns from a friend in Framlingham and started reading our reviews! Then all of a sudden I got a call out of the blue saying that the King of Hollywood had spoken and we were to be recognised in the biggest way possible by the letters of the Hollywood sign being replaced with little old us for the whole of April 1st!

Don’t panic, they haven’t actually got rid of the Hollywood letters, they are in a lock up on a council estate in L.A, once owned by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It is estimated that each letter cost over $2,000 to be made and then a team of 12 subcontractors to Hollywood District Council worked tirelessly overnight at a cost of $8,762, bringing the total bill for this magnanimous gesture to over $30,000.

“You’re making it up!” I hear you cry. Well of course it isn’t permanent! Unfortunately it is only for one day but nonetheless I’m over the moon that such a historic landmark as the Hollywood sign would be replaced in honour of Woodfarm Barns, even if it is only for one day!

“But what about the poor tax-paying citizens of America!!!” I hear you cry (again). Calm down dear, it’s all in hand; turns out Ed called President Trumpster and he is sending the bill to Mexico so that’s all sorted!

Well, I don’t want to get into the politics of it all, I’m just chuffed to bits that we have been recognised in this way by the great and good of the film industry, which has so many parallels with life here on Woodfarm.