National Brands from Suffolk, near our holiday cottages

From the Suffolk Punch to Ed Sheeran (Sorry, had to get that one in!) Suffolk is known the world over, but with many of our holiday cottage guests raving about our local farm shops, deli’s and artisan producers I thought I’d do a little blog highlighting some of the Suffolk brands that are fast becoming national institutions and available to discerning consumers whether they are on holiday in Suffolk or back at home

Please do let me know if you think I should add anyone to my little list. This is really just highlighting a few of those with national coverage now, rather than the plethora of superb brands known mainly locally

Adnams, Southwold

May as well start with the most well known. I’m delighted to say that we have actually had guests come and stay in our holiday cottages as they want to experience ‘Adnams Country’! Wow, you know you’ve made it when that happens. Brewed in Southwold and owning what seems to be most of the pubs in the area, Adnams is truly a taste of Suffolk. From their orignal range of superb beers, they now have an enormous range, seemingly of every drink you can think of, and Adnams ‘Cellar’ shops all over Suffolk, selling their wares and a great deal of related products

Suffolk beer produced near our holiday cottages

Aspalls Cyder, Aspall

A real favourite amongst our holiday cottage guests and brewed just around the corner in the tiny village of Aspall. It doesn’t seem that long ago that one would only see Aspalls around Suffolk and yet now it seems as though it’s on the shelves in retailers large and small, wherever you happen to be in the country

The range, as with Adnams, has increased massively, though they are more foodie products than other drinks. The Cyder range has increased but now there’s a whole range of superb vinegars as well!

The Chilli Company

A hobby that just kept on growing! Denise & Adrian Nutall decided in 2001 to turn their past-time of growing chillies into a business and in 2005 featured on Channel Five’s ‘Build a new life in the country’ – since then they have worked hard to produce a fabulous range of jams, sauces, chutneys, mustards, salsas, dips etc, all with a bit of a kick! Starting locally, they again have achieved national recognition and their products spread far and wide. Do visit their Smoke and Spice shop on the A140 to satisfy your fix

Paddy & Scotts

Possibly a lesser known brand outside Suffolk but I have personally seen them as far away as Kent so I’m counting them in! They make fabulous coffee, and as a decaf drinker I’m pleased to say they remove the caffeine with a water process rather than a chemical one so it doens’t have any nasties floating around in it. Just good coffee

Pump Street Bakery, Orford

Ok, I may be pushing the point a little here but as they were mentioned during an Oscars acceptance speech this week then I am putting them in! Mat Kirkby just won a ‘Best director’ Oscar this week and had been promised a free doughnut from his local bakery. So he gave them a plug in his speech! Not a bad bit of publicity for them and for Suffolk!