What makes Holiday Cottages Holiday Cottages?

Woodfarm House, a beautiful cottage

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Ever wondered what makes Holiday Cottages Holiday Cottages, as opposed to a holiday home, or a holiday house?

We have, and here’s the answer we uncovered about Holiday Cottages.

The word Cottage finds its origin in the Middle Ages. It was derived from the word ‘cotter’ which referred to agricultural workers and their families. Thus cottages were dwellings for these people.

Many cottages from this period were actually terraced houses built to house as many workers as possible.

So they were a long way from today’s Holiday Cottages. Don’t worry, we won’t put you to work on the local farm land when you come to stay!

As the years went by the name cottage started to refer to a whole farm or smallholding, including the houses, outbuildings and supporting farmland and/or woods.

Much later, after the industrial revolution, many cottages were built to house the new types of workers needed in this new world of industry. Therefore we start to see Weaver’s Cottages and Miner’s Cottages being constructed.

Then in the modern age the name cottage has become synonymous with homes of a traditional rural style. This is most commonly what we still expect these days when we hear the words ‘Holiday Cottage’.

When we discover that someone is going to spend their break in a Holiday Cottage the image that springs to mind is of a relaxing stay in a traditional style home in beautiful countryside.

We like to think that our Holiday Cottages represent the quintessential Holiday Cottage, meeting all the expectations of a modern holidaymaker.

When people talk of Holiday Cottages nowadays they are speaking of cosy, traditionally styled homes in a rural setting. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you spend your break with us here at Woodfarm Barns: beautiful cottages in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

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