HS2 Suffolk style…

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Last Updated on March 9, 2023

HS2 has hit more controversy as it now tops £106 BILLION at the time of writing. We do things a little differently in Suffolk, with far less embarrassing results…

Whilst HS2 spirals out of control to make it ever so slightly faster to get from A to B, I bring you embarrassing news of some local controversy regarding our own version SHSS2; that’s ‘Slightly Higher Speed Suffolk 2’. That’s the new travel service making access to rural parts of our fair county more accessible, shaving up to 15 minutes of some journey times!

No more slow travel across Suffolk with our version of HS2

For years we’ve been getting on just fine. Most of the time. We’ve been relying on horse & cart for centuries to get across our beautiful county and there’s nothing wrong with it. Apart from the cart needing repairs on a daily basis and the horse needing to see the vet every couple of days. But that’s all. So for the most part it works. Eventually. On the days that it’s running. And not late because Ned, the guy who owns the horse, overslept.

But now the controversial SHSS2 system incorporating a zippy tractor is gaining momentum. Or not. It’s been on the cards for years and despite it’s original budget of £300, it is now woefully over budget as the tractor needed an unforeseen service, and a new tyre. So now it looks as though we are looking at a whopping £435! This has caused red faces as you can imagine, possibly as red as those involved in HS2.

The bigwigs behind SHSS2 have clearly stated that it won’t go up any more though. Unless it needs valeting. Or an air freshener. Or de-icer as winter is coming.

On the plus side, it is estimated that it will cut up to 15 minutes on journeys such as Stonham Aspal to Framlingham, or up to 3 minutes for journeys say from Southwold to Walberswick if the ferry is running.

Ed at Woodfarm
Ed Sheeran wearing his Woodfarm Sweatshirt. Not photoshopped at all. Definitely genuine

HS2 is all over the news but less is known about SHSS2, even though we have our very own Ed Sheeran behind it. He has probably said that “SHSS2 would allow me to get from home in Framlingham, to a gig in Woodbridge, saving me 8 minutes. This would give me enough time for half an Aspall’s before the gig. So I’m up for it”. That’s probably what he has said.