How to ride a camel when in Suffolk?

Three camels in a line

Last Updated on January 15, 2023

Ok – so you may now be thinking – camel riding in Suffolk? But, trust me, it does exist. And it exists at the UK’s only camel park – Camel Park Oasis. Located in North Suffolk, in between Harleston and Halesworth, this park lets you get up close to real life camels, who are extremely friendly. The camel park also features a wide range of other animals on show. So, what could you do when you go to Camel Park for a day out?

Oasis Camel Park is the only place in the UK where you are able to get up close to the camels and is a perfect family day out for just about any animal lover.

At Oasis Camel Park, why not try your hand at camel riding? It might not be your typical or expected day out in Suffolk, but this uniqueness is precisely why the Camel Park Oasis is so deserving of a visit. There’s not many other opportunities where you may be able to ride a camel in your lifetime in England, and especially not in Suffolk, so why not have a go and meander with your camel through the beautiful 11 acre site which the park holds against the backdrop of the tranquil Suffolk countryside? And, why not try a donkey ride as well?

What else have they got at Camel Park Oasis? Well, lots more!

Why not try racing your family and friends around the track on the Pedal Go-Karts area that the park holds, or try and beat them at their Crazy Golf site which is also on offer. Or, why not sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the park from their land train and explore the park, whilst spotting all the different animals which they have on offer around Camel Park Oasis. Their museum at the site also holds banks of information and artifacts about the site and the animals which they have as well as a collection of camel seats and other memorabilia they have on offer. Lastly, why not take a piece of Camel Park Oasis home with you. Visit the gift shop to get your hands on alpaca knitwear from Peru, items of clothing from Ecuador and Nepal, as well as a range of other gifts from around the world.

It is a no brainer to go here if you love animals and so does the rest of the family – why not try and ride a camel in Suffolk when renting a Barn or Barge?