Holiday in Suffolk with extra treats? Sweet!

woodfarm travel sweets

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

For years we’ve always strived to give our guests extra. We’ve built a reputation for thinking of all the little things that make your holiday or break extra special. And now we’ve sweetened the deal! See what we did there? Sweetened the deal? Sweets? Yeah, you got it.

We designed our retro Staycation Stay Safely ‘posters’ for our Barns & Barges to evoke memories of a bygone era. We wanted to mirror the emotion of the old railway adverts, promoting Great British holidays. They went down an absolute storm with you all, and now we’ve added something new to go along with them to give you a warm, fuzzy reminder of the old days.

Who can remember travelling with their parents for a weekend away, or an exciting holiday? Maybe camping, caravanning, or even to a hotel somewhere if you were really posh? Remember those travel sweets that were always in the car? Well, now you can have them again, with the Woodfarm retro posters on!

We’ve just taken delivery of our all new, Barns & Barges branded travel sweets, from Simpkins, the world’s original travel sweet manufacturer!

They’re a third generation, family owned company, specialising in high grade glucose confectionery. They’re gluten free, nut free and gelatin free, so they’re vegan too. I prefer to deal with privately owned businesses, and I dealt directly with Adrian Simpkin, the MD, who was a really nice guy.

We don’t want to overstate just how amazing these Travel Sweets are, or make any false claims, but here’s what some people might have said about them. Possibly;

“These are literally the best sweets on the planet, and I think of Woodfarm every time I have one. I wouldn’t go anywhere else” – Leonardo DiCaprio, New York

“Oh my gawd! You ain’t tried Woodfarm Barns & Barges Travel Sweets? You don’t know what you’re missin! They are well lush innit!” – Adele, Essex

“Seriously, you have to book a break at Woodfarm, and get some of these sweets. They will change your life, or my name’s not Gary Barlow!” – Ronan Keating, somewhere in Ireland

All these people can’t be wrong, so how can YOU get these tasty treats for yourself and see what all the hype is about? Well, you could book a Woodfarm Barn or Barge break, cos we will just give them to you when you come. Or, to get some now, you could enter our Sweeeeeeeet Competition!

Just because we’re super excited that they’ve arrived, we are going to send some out in the post! And we could be sending them to you! We haven’t eaten them all. Honest!

So, how do you get your hands on a couple of tins of Woodfarm Travel Sweets?

Well, you have not one, but two ways to WIN!!!!

You gotta Like & Share the post on Facebook or Instagram. Then….

Firstly, we just want to know if you’d like to WIN them! Just answer “Yes'” where prompted, if you’d like to. We’ll use an online random number generator to pick a WINNER when we’re done.

Secondly, we all like a little tin to keep things in right?. You might like to keep your Woodfarm Barns or Barges Travel Sweet tin when it’s empty. So……

What would you use your empty Woodfarm Travel Sweets tin for, once you’ve enjoyed them? Just answer “Yes, I’d like to use my tin to………”. There’s no right or wrong answer, but we will award a duo of our lovely new Travel Sweets for the best, or funniest, or most creative ideas.

Terms & Conditions
The prize for this Competition is for a pair of our tins of Travel Sweets.

Please note that we cannot announce the winners first on Social Media, it has to be by email. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours of notifying you that you have won, we will pick another winning entrant and so on until someone responds. By entering you do consent to us announcing your name on Social Media once you have accepted your prize. We won’t divulge any personal info of course, it’ll just be your name. We’d obviously really appreciate it if you could then shout it from the rooftops though!

We will run this competition for a couple of weeks or so and pick the winners ourselves based on who we think has the best/ most creative answers. We’ll email every entrant at that time, win or lose to let you know who won. There is no cash alternative.

Victor Meldrew clause; If all that doesn’t suit you or you are of the opinion that “no-one ever wins these” then feel free to not enter and gaze at your navel instead. We have given away so many prizes over the years to some very happy people, but you’ll never be one of them if you bumble through life with Meldrew shaped chips on your shoulders.

GDPR gubbins…
We absolutely never share your info and we retain it purely and simply so we can keep you informed. Informed of our regular Competitions like this one, Exclusive VIP Offers, Cancellations, Events, Places of Interest to you, and News from around the beautiful County of Suffolk. It is called Marketing. We keep you informed of this good stuff so that you may consider us when making your holiday and short break decisions.

If you do not wish to hear about the things mentioned you can opt out now by not entering and making a cup of tea instead, or at any time simply by unsubscribing. 

We do not bombard you. This is just a small, independent business, having fun and working hard to promote escapes from the norm in Suffolk; that’s all. We are not out to get you!

We would love to stay in touch with you but it is your choice. We have built our database in a very professional and responsible way and continually given you the opportunity to not hear from us again. If you choose to ‘leave’ us then we wish you all the best for the future and hope you have enjoyed reading what we have had to say in the past.