Holiday and a Hit Single anyone?

A hit single anyone?

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

This may sound a little odd but have you ever dreamed of having a hit single?

If you’re anything like me you hear some of the songs in the charts that sound so simple, and think “if only I could have one hit single in my lifetime”. Well now here’s your chance to combine recording your own creation with a nice little break in Suffolk!

OK, let’s start with some management of expectations I think! You’re probably unlikely to have a hit single but now you can at least know what it feels like to go through the very enjoyable recording process and have a relaxing break in Suffolk into the bargain, particularly if you’ve never done it before!

Let me explain…

When I’m not tearing around running my holiday cottage business my favourite hobby is writing, playing, singing and recording music. I have a humble trio called Elephant in the Room, with two friends, Fern Teather and Sam Thurlow, and between us we’ve released one EP, one album and as I write this early in 2017, we are well on the way to finishing our second album. We have not had a hit single! However, we have loads of fun and played loads of great gigs and we continue to do so.

A hit single may await youA very good friend of ours is a chap called David Booth, who happens to own a lovely recording studio in nearby Debenham, called The Recording Booth (See what he did there?). David and I were talking recently about the lucky few who have had a hit single, recorded in a luxurious, residential studio, with swimming pools and all the trimmings. We hit upon the idea of a slightly more, er, modest version of this, which is where you come in…

Maybe you are an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter? Or maybe you play a bit of guitar and have written the odd song here and there over the years for a loved one. Or maybe you’ve tried doing it and can’t play a single note? But I would imagine you’ve wondered what it’d be like to have a single on iTunes?

A hit single on your Woodfarm barns holiday?So, on the assumption that you don’t have a multi-million pound recording contract, how about having a go at it by combining a four night midweek stay at Woodfarm Barns, bringing your other half so you score lots of brownie points and choosing one of David’s recording packages at the same time, which won’t take up all of your holiday?

David is a very talented multi-instrumentalist so it really doesn’t matter if you can’t play a single note, because he knows all of them! He can do all the guitars, drums, etc. too if you can’t. Having worked for a number of years with him, I know that he can put anyone at ease and make them feel comfortable. His studio is adjacent to his home and has a very relaxing feeling about it too. But his knowledge, experience, and approach produce astounding results. If he can make me sound half decent, he has to be good!

A hit single on your Woodfarm barns break?Essentially, you can go in with a minimum of some lyrics and come out with an actual CD of it all recorded and he’ll even put it on iTunes. This is the bit where we don’t guarantee a hit single. But you never know! The idea is to go in for a few hours a day on some of the days that you are here and work with David on your song, or songs. And whilst you are in the studio, your other half can be relaxing in the hot tub as we do have some cottages with them. It’s not quite the flash swimming pool but then you don’t have that recording contract do you!

He has a number of package options starting from just £170 so have a look at David’s blog or give him a buzz directly on 07803 031240 for a friendly, informal chat. He is a nice chap!

We have four night midweek breaks from around £400 so you have a combined package starting under £600. You’ll pay us separately for our bits as we aren’t charging anything to bring these two services together; we just love music and want to see our customers enjoy themselves.

Simply pick your package with David, dates and cottage this end and contact either of us to see if there’s combined availability. We’re both very approachable and we talk to each other too, so between us we’ll make it all happen for you!

If you’d like to hear the sort of thing I’ve done at David’s studio, then have a little listen to this track. It also features David on mandolin and backing vocals (told you he was a talented multi-instrumentalist!).