Flatford Mill

Flatford near our Suffolk holiday cottages

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Ok, just about dipping our toes into Essex but it still feels like Suffolk and it’s only 20 minutes down the road from Woodfarm Barns

Flatford Mill is accessible by road and has a car park. It’s National Trust so if you’re not a member it’s £3 to park. It’s also accessible by foot along the river from Dedham, which is a gorgeous 25 minute walk (Free parking)

Boats at Flatford


It’s very unspoilt here, though it is a really popular tourist destination. There is a small John Constable museum as this truly is the heart of Constable Country. It’s the setting for many of his famous paintings including the Haywain. It’s idyllic here and even being a local, it’s still one of my favourite places to go, which I do on a regular basis


Constable Exhibition


You can choose a gentle stroll or take to the river Stour, either in a rowing boat or there are motor-boat tours, which pootle along. I also kayak along here and whilst that’s bordering on the energetic, it’s still and incredibly relaxing way to spend an afternoon

Thatched Barn at Flatford


Kayaking on the Stour

As well as the breathtaking views and the museum there is also a National Trust tea room, which is very modern and has great seating along the banks of the river, inside and out

For more info, directions etc, have a look at the details for Bridge Cottage on the National Trust website here