Five top tips for great Romantic Breaks

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Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Every relationship benefits from Romantic Breaks from time to time. Here’s our top five tips for getting the most out of them:Romantic Breaks

5 – Go somewhere new to both of you.

We all have memories of wonderful places we’ve been in the past. It’s only natural that we should what to share these places with our partner.

However it is just as important to take some of your Romantic Breaks in locations that are new to the both of you. That way you can make new memories together.

Experiencing new things and new places together is a wonderful way to build intimacy.

4 – Make time for just the two of you.

It’s more important than ever before that we switch off from the outside world and focus just on our partner for a while.

Smartphones and laptops mean that we are forever connected to almost everyone on the planet. Although that has it’s advantages, it also means that our relationships become more shallow. Reduced to only what can be shared in a Tweet or a text message.

When on one of our Romantic Breaks it is of the upmost importance that we switch off our devices, even if it’s just for one day, and give all our attention to our partner and our relationship.

3 – Live in the moment.

We seem to spend almost all of our time these days worrying and planning for the future or remembering the past.

However it is so vital to live in the moment.

If we don’t hold onto the moment then we end up never really living at all. We let life pass us by whilst we are ignoring it in favour of dreams of the past or future in our minds.

When better than one one of your Romantic Breaks than to practice living in the moment together?

Take the time to savour every moment you have with your partner, as you would with a meal in a fine restaurant.

Taste every moment. Then you’re really living.

2 – Make plenty of time to be physically intimate.

Talking to each other and sharing new experiences are both key to healthy long term relationships. However physical intimacy is vital too.

Make sure your use your Romantic Breaks to hold hands, hug and… well you know.

1 – Listen to each other.

In our modern society we seem to be great at talking but rubbish at listening.

One of the greatest gifts you can ever give your partner is listening to them. Really listening to them. Don’t just sit in silence whilst they talk, planning what you’re going to say next in your head. Actually process what they are trying to tell you. Engage with what they have just said when you answer them.

It’s only then that we can really get to know someone else. When we really get to know someone through listening, the intimacy that brings naturally flows into all the other areas of our relationship.

Whatever else you do on your Romantic Breaks. Take the time to really listen. So few do.

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