Fire Station Coffee Roasters, Woodbridge

Woodbridge's Fire Station Coffee Roasters

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

The Fire Station Coffee Roasters in Woodbridge is one of my favourite places to relax and unwind in Suffolk.

I may be slightly biased as Woodbridge is my second home but the Fire Station Coffee Roasters is a real bonus to this beautiful riverside town.

The Fire Station in Woodbridge does superb coffee! Well you would expect that, they roast the stuff themselves! They also have an amazing range of fab home made cakes, pastries and lunches etc.

I can’t resist their muesli slice, which is like a flapjack but sooo much more! The other thing is that I am a weirdo who doesn’t drink caffeine or dairy and they do a superb Soya Decaf Latte! I know, I’m odd but get over it!

Fire Station Coffee Roasters, Woodbridge, Suffolk
There’s a great write up in The Woodbridge Magazine too. They major in veggie and vegan (me again) produce but have widened their wares to appeal to all.

The staff are always friendly and there is such a nice atmosphere in there that one simply does not get in the major chains.

It’s only a little place and it does get very busy. Well worth a visit when you’re in Woodbridge! Check out the Fire Station Coffee Roasters website.

The smell of freshly roasted coffee is one of the most ‘Hygge’ aromas on the planet (see my separate Blog Post) and as they roast it here, its a real treat for your nostrils. Yes I know I said I don’t drink caffeine but it doesn’t stop me craving it. My daughter is a major coffee connoisseur and when I bought her a bag of their coffee at Christmas, she was in heaven, putting it up there amongst the best she’s had!

Fire Station Coffee Roasters
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