Dreamy Suffolk Coastal Accommodation

Southwold beach Suffolk

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

There’s a wealth of wonderful spots in our area that would make fantasy Suffolk Coastal Accommodation. Here’s some of the best places on the Suffolk Coast that many people would love to spend a dream break.

Here at Woodfarm Barns we pride our self on offering wonderful holiday cottages for your Suffolk Coastal accommodation getaway. Our Cottages offer a luxurious base for you to set out from as you explore the rich Suffolk Coastline.

However, here are some places on the Suffolk Coastline that would be candidates for fantasy escapes.

The Martello Towers

Built between 1804 and 1812 to defend Britain from invasion from Napoleon’s France, these imposing defensive towers would make exciting Suffolk Coastal Accommodation.

Many of them are now in private hands and some have even been changed into homes.

You would certainly feel safe and secure inside one of these! Those with more active imaginations could spend their holiday fighting off invading French battleships to their heart’s content. The very definition of a fantasy escape.

Saxtead Green Windmill

There has apparantly been a windmill on this spot in Saxtead since 1287! The current Saxtead Green Mill dates back to at least 1796 when the miller was Amos Webbe.

Just imagine all that has gone on in the world since the mill was first built.

So if, like us, you dream of fantasy Suffolk Coastal Accommodation with real historical precedence then look no further.

The windmill was repaired and restored in 2008 and is open to the public on Fridays, Saturdays and Bank Holidays between 1 April and 30 September each year.

The Coastline itself!

What could be better than camping out on the beach itself? Sleeping inches from the sand, relaxing to the sound of the waves on the shore, falling asleep under the star and waking up to the beautiful sunrise? Surely the beach itself makes the ideal Suffolk Coastal Accommodation?

That’s some people’s dreams, but the stuff of nightmares for others.

Well if you’re into that kind of thing then great. But personally we’d rather stay in a luxury Holiday Cottage. If you’re planning a visit to Suffolk and looking for some real (nearby) Suffolk Coastal Accommodation, then you can check our availability here: We’re only half an hour away from all the wonderful Heritage Coast so you can explore the rest of our fabulous county too.