FREE Doggy Hampers at your Suffolk Holiday Cottage!

Mr P, remembered at our dog friendly holiday cottages in Suffolk

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

Calling all dog owners! We know there are lots of Facebook dog groups for every type of breed so maybe you’re a member?

We’ve always left a Bonio as a treat for our K9 friends that come to our Suffolk holiday cottages, but now we are offering a free doggy hamper with treats, toys and all sorts of goodies!

So read on for details of how you can make your dog loving friends feel even more special when they book their next cottage holiday.

Barney at our dog friendly holiday cottages in Suffolk

We’ve always welcomed dogs to our holiday cottages and have always left a Bonio for them but thought it was time to step it up a gear and make the dogs even happier. And by default, their owners!

Bonios at our dog friendly holiday cottages in Suffolk

We have had a lot of guests staying who belong to closed groups on Facebook for different breeds of dog and have seen us on there because another member has stayed here, so we figured we’d offer a real treat to guests coming who’ve seen us on whichever pages they belong to. And pleeeeeeease do share our details on the group you are on. We can’t advertise on there, nor do we want to, as referrals are a much better and far more trusted source. Details further down.

The hampers will include shampoo and vouchers from Vetoquinol, an animal healthcare products company we are doing some work with, as well as some goodies from our friends at Wood Green, the animals charity, who we have supported for a long time now, as well as whole load of other treats for your pooch.

Wood Green working with our dog-friendly holiday cottages in SuffolkSo, if you’re a member of a group on Facebook for dog owners, you may like to post this link on there so the other members can treat their dogs, not only to a fabulous dog-friendly Suffolk holiday cottage, but a real bonus hamper of treats! Here’s the link for you to use –

Just copy and paste that onto the Facebook page and tell everyone they must mention the name of the group when booking so they get the free doggy hamper. Please tell them to mention your name too if they can so we can send you a thank you gift!

Facebook dog groups with our Suffolk holiday cottages

Please note, this offer is for one Doggy Hamper per Suffolk holiday cottage booking and cannot be given retrospectively.

Please check out our Dogs Welcome page if you haven’t already seen it and why not have a look at our Availability & Prices whilst you’re at it and get your best Dog-Friendly Suffolk Holiday Cottage break booked up?

Pets Welcome Award at our Suffolk Holiday Cottages