Dog treats with your Woodfarm break

Dog Treats at Woodfarm Barns & Barges

Last Updated on June 21, 2022

Dog treats are just part of what we do to make your dogs feel welcome and happy with a stay in our Barns or barges.

We leave some scrummy (well the dogs tell us they are!) dog treats for all our four-legged friends when they come to stay.

We work closely with Doodledales, our friends round the corner from Woodfarm Barns. They are our local, independent pet shop and provide us with raw dog treats from their ‘pick n mix’ range, as well as our Dog Hampers and Dog Shampoo for our Mucky Pups Shower Stations.

As a non meat-eating human I don’t like to think about the contents, but our furry guests seem to love the dog treats we provide.

We leave a jar in your Barn waiting for your dogs when you arrive.

If you’d like to order a Doggy Hamper too, then just drop us a line and we’ll sort that out too. They have a handful of other lovely dog treats to enhance your dogs’ experience. They’re just £15 each.