Dog Swimming Pool fun in Suffolk

Dog Swimming Pool fun in Suffolk

A dog swimming pool near our barns? Yes! Canine Dip and Dive is just the ticket for some aquatic fun for your four-legged family, whilst you’re staying with us

Dog Swimming pool in SuffolkIf your hound or hounds have never tried a dog swimming pool then this is a must for all sorts of reasons. For some it’ll be just amazing fun and for others it may be a great way to introduce them to the water for practical reasons.

And the best bit? You can get in with them if you want to!

Andy and Jo have a fabulous set up just 15 minutes from Woodfarm Barns and are clearly passionate about making sure their canine customers have fun. They set up their dog swimming pool in the wonderful Suffolk countryside like us. It’s an outdoor 32ft dog swimming pool with a great floating ramp making it easier for dogs to get in and out of the water. There’s also a platform so they  can dive in if they’re feeling braver! 

Dog Swimming Pool with AndyAnd as I said, you are allowed in as well to join them for a swim. They have a caravan there, which is available to change in. The whole thing is fully enclosed too!

They do puppy classes, senior dog classes, pool parties and plain diving fun!

When I visited them their own dog Buddy was having a fabulous time with a customer’s dog. So now you can enjoy a relaxing break with us and even have a good old soak in one of our hot tubs, then head off to the dog swimming pool so your furry friend can have their time in the water.

Prices are from just £12 for half an hour!

Check out the Canine Dip and Dive Facebook page here or call Andy on 07795 078125

Canine Dip and Dive, Potash Lane, Wyverstone, Suffolk IP14 4SL