Dog Friendly Cottages (Humans welcome too)

Dog Friendly Cottages

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Like most dogs you’re probably on the lookout for Dog Friendly Cottages that also allow your human companions to stay too.

Understandably many places who offer Dog Friendly Cottages are hesitant about allowing humans into their accommodation. Whilst dogs are friendly, kind, clean and loyal, some humans tend to break things, make messes, exhibit antisocial behaviours and they sometimes even steal the soap and towels. Dog friendly holiday cottages in Suffolk

Here at Woodfarm Barns we understand that you’ll probably not want to leave your human(s) behind when you take your holiday. After all who knows what they’ll get up to whilst you’re away?! Sure they sometimes smell bad and seem to get grumpy for no reason, but we love them just the same. We want them to have a good holiday too.

That can sometimes lead to tired paws trawling the internet for accommodation for you and your (relatively) furless friends.

Dog Friendly CottagesWell look no further. We like to think that Woodfarm Barn’s Dog Friendly Cottages are the best place to bring your Homo-sapiens for a holiday or a weekend break.

There’s lots of things around Suffolk to keep them occupied. Not least the many wonderful country walks you can take them on. There’s also a great range of pubs and restaurants in the local vicinity. Why not drop them off at one of these and take a couple of hours off from looking after them?
For more details on activities for your two legged friends check out our ‘Out and About’ page.

There’s also plenty of trees around providing an ample supply of the sticks that humans seem so obsessed with. Perhaps one day they’ll finally learn to keep a better grip on them so we can finally stop having to go and get them back all the time? We can but hope…

Interested in staying in one of our Dog Friendly Cottages? You can check our availability with one click of a paw on mouse here.