Dog Friendly Cottages of the future.

Dog in a superhero costume

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Our Dog Friendly Cottages are ahead of their time, but what will the Dog Friendly Cottages of the future look like?

Here at Woodfarm Barns we always go the extra mile to welcome our K9 friends and their families to our dog friendly cottages.

In fact we like to think of ourselves as being at the very cutting edge in holiday provision for the four-legged.

However here are some of the things you can expect from the Dog Friendly Cottages of the Future…

Stair Of Dog 2002.

Do you know what I hate?


There’s nothing more tedious than having to put paw in front of paw, hauling oneself up a man made mini-mountain just to kiss our human family awake in the morning.

Well no more!

The Dog Friendly Cottages of the future will surely all come equipped with Stair Of Dog 2002 stair lifts. Then we can be carried upstairs with the grace and dignity we deserve as kings and queens of the household.

The FroliDog DART TR1 Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy.

Sometimes our human companions go to ‘work’, or the pub or whatever (I know, rude, right?!) and leave us on our own.

Well who’s going to play with us then?

With the FroliDog Dart TR1 we need never be without a play pal again. A must for any Dog Friendly Cottage of the future!

And when you’ve had enough of chasing lasers you can chase those balls instead…

Dog Glass Dryer Fan.

With the English weather being how it is, we frequently find ourselves arriving home soaking wet.

Well a couple of moments in this and we’re all dry again and ready for our next adventure. No Dog Friendly Cottage of the future would be complete without one!


API Doggie Fountain F1

The dryer fan is great for when we’re too wet, but what about when we’re thirsty (and those pesky humans have left the toilet seat closed again!)?

Well, all Dog Friendly Cottages of the future will no doubt come equipped with one of these.

A fresh flow of delicious ice cold water is but a paw press away.


So that’s what the Dog Friendly Cottages of the future may look like.

If you can’t wait until then for a stay in a comfy cottage then why not have a getaway to Suffolk and stay with us at Woodfarm Barns? You can check our availability here.