Dog Agility Champ Fen, the English Springer Spaniel

Fen's dog agility awards - August 2018

Last Updated on August 10, 2022

This blog post is all about dog agility champ Fen, a 5-year-old working English Springer Spaniel.

Fen, the Woodfarm Dog Agility champFen is a regular guest at Woodfarm Barns, coming every year for a dog agility event held locally. He seems to simply hoover up the awards! He does bring his humans with him.
He came to live with his owners when he was 10 months old, direct from a gun dog kennels where he was bred. They didn’t think he had the potential for a top trialling dog so he was offered for sale to a pet home. He had only known a kennel life so a house was very scary and he did eat the lino in the utility and door frame in his first few weeks with them!

Fen, the Woodfarm champ of Dog Agility

He didn’t know what a toy was or how to play. That soon changed and he now is obsessed with balls, oh and water.
He started doing agility after they’d had him a few months and took to it like a spaniel to water. In the last year he has progressed to grade 5 (there are 7 grades) and has recently had his first G5 competition experience.
Here he is enjoying the weaves in the Woodfarm Meadow.

Fen's dog agility awards - August 2018

He competes a couple of times a month between Easter and October, largely in the South West and Midlands. His owner Debbie has been coming to the Dogs in Need at Trinity Park, Ipswich for the last 21 years.
We’ve seen what he’s capable of when he stays every year and scoops up enough rosettes and awards to open a shop! As you can see from this display in August 2018, he’s pretty good at dog agility! It’s amazing what one little fella can pick up in a week.
When he’s not doing agility Fen loves his walks, toys, water and mud!
The 2 acre meadow at Woodfarm HQ is a real hit with our human guests as their dogs absolutely love it. We put the weaves in, not really knowing if anyone would use them much. The idea of the meadow is just to let off steam, not start a dog agility training school. But as you can see from this video, Fen really knows his stuff.
Nice use of the bench Debbie; that’s for sitting on!